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The Legacy a documentary for your loved one – Las Vegas

April 22, 2019

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Today is a big day for us at Ella Gagiano Studios! Today we want to share our heart with you and tell you about this incredible new project Samantha and I have been working on, called The Legacy.

THE LEGACY PROJECT stems from the deepest well of our hearts. No matter who we are, all of us are impacted by a generation coming and a generation going. These rare and incredible people who we get the privilege to call our own family, all have a story worth telling. We realized this need to capture their priceless sayings and journeys within our own families and that is what sparked this project for our studio.

This is truly our greatest passion – helping create a beautiful documentary style film for you, narrated by your loved one or multiple family members. These precious moments can leave a beautiful reminder of the life they lived and their stories can be treasured forever. You can celebrate them over and over passing these gems on to generations to come.

“I lost my dad when I was 16. I would give anything to have a video of him to reflect back on. To hear his voice one more time and to have preserved some of my favorite words he would say.”
Ella Gagiano

“A month after I filmed my grandmother’s legacy video she passed away unexpectedly, the gift I was able to give my family of being able to hear her laugh and tell us she loved us one last time meant more to me and my family than I could ever tell you.”
Samantha Cook

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