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Theresa Rhose – Walk on Water

August 20, 2019

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From the moment we heard “Walk on Water” by Theresa Rhose we instantly felt the depth of Theresa’s passion to express herself. From the beginning we felt the longing for something more; she took us on a journey from hoping there is something more out there than what you are given to believing that you can walk on water. With the high energy we walked away feeling like we can accomplish anything we set out to do. We were so excited to create a video that reflected her spirit and energy for life. Theresa had asked us, while we were filming, “can you feel the passion through the camera?” It was so important for her to be real, to put herself out there, and let everyone see her strength, but also her vulnerability. There were moments where she just opened herself up and you felt her pouring her everything into the moment, the true depth of where “Walk on Water” was created. Watch it now to experience it for yourself and walk away feeling inspired!


Theresa Rhose




Location: Bonneville Salt Flats

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