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Mayra & Ruben – One Six Sky Lounge

December 4, 2019

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There is something to be said about following your dreams, for knowing exactly what you want and making it happen. In the process of making those dreams come true you have to find the perfect partner that will not only push you towards those dreams but be right there next to you pushing that same goal forward. The one who will laugh with you and shine in the radiance of your smile, the one who will be by your side during the hard times and lift you up at the end of the night even though you spent the whole day together. Mayra and Ruben found the one that they could spend the whole day with and still feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to be with each other. Ruben waited eight years to propose to Mayra, wanting to give her the perfect wedding of their dreams. When we tell you that they made their dreams a reality, we feel it in our hearts. It wasn’t their perfectly decorated reception at the Six Sky Lounge with a stunning view of the strip, or Mayra’s wedding dress that she looked beautiful in, or even the way Ruben spoke of her in his interview. It was the moment when Mayra’s sister was giving her toast at the reception and was struggling not to cry and Mayra was looking at her the way only big sisters can when we felt everything was perfect. Mayra and Ruben had the perfect wedding filled with friends and family from the moment the day began to the end of the night. Surrounded by love and happiness and a celebration that reflected the love that they have in their hearts for one another.


Congratulations Mayra and Ruben, may you set your goals high as we know that you are the perfect team to achieve them.


Church: Prince of Peace Catholic Church

Venue: One Six Sky Lounge

Featured Location: Hilton Lake Las Vegas

Floral: Byanca’s Event & Decor

Wedding Dress: Viero Bridal

Makeup Artist: Las Vegas Makeup Girl

Photography & Videography: Ella Gagiano Studios

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