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How did you start loving the one? Did you go slowly as the sparks between you grew until your whole heart¬† ¬† caught aflame? Or was it a firestorm of unforgettable passion all at once? Either way, that irresistible knowing has settled into your chest that you have found the incredible person you want to love every single day for the rest of your life. Now it’s time for the romance of your dreams to turn into the wedding of your fantasies.

How do you want to make your special day last forever? Do you prefer stunning wall art that brings back the thrilling feeling of saying your vows? Or does the heirloom album make you look forward to sharing the entire day with your children and grandchildren?

At Ella Gagiano Studios, our passion is making your wedding photography experience truly yours from start to finish. Tell us the special story of your love in your personalized consultation. Let us highlight your powerful bond and unique personalities in your Forever Session. Feel beautiful as we capture your elegance and grace in your Bridal Session. Know that your Wedding Day photographs will inspire awe for generations to come. Finally, have your breath taken away as you open the pages of your heirloom album filled with the first chapters of your unforgettable love story.

Ella Gagiano

Photographer & Owner of
Ella Gagiano Studios

Phone: 386-543-6277