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What have you learned from your furriest friend? Did the love in their eyes teach you what unconditional means? Did their comforting nuzzle teach you companionship? Did their excited bounds during playtime teach you zest for life? Now it’s time for the two of you to share a special playtime that will capture your unique bond forever.

We believe that your furry friend deserves a pet photography session as special as they are. We understand how important your fur baby is, as we have our own, so tell us all that you love about them in your personalized consultation. Let us capture your happiest family member in your photographic session doing what they do best, loving life and loving you. Finally, be prepared to love them, even more, when you see personality shine in every photo, and honor that special bond with a custom album and wallart.

Ella Gagiano owner and operator of Ella Gagiano Studios

Ella Gagiano

Photographer & Owner of
Ella Gagiano Studios

Phone: 386-543-6277

Email: [email protected]