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Do you remember the kick? The first little butterflies inside of you as the most precious life you have ever known fluttered into you and your partner’s hearts to stay forever? This child bloomed from the love that bonds you two together as a couple. Celebrate that love as it grows with each baby kick and cherish the beauty that is motherhood.

“Tell me the story of me!” What if you could not only tell your tiny one their incredible story but you could show them? Which photograph do you think will be their favorite?

Ella Gagiano Studios loves making your maternity and newborn photography experience as special as your growing family. Tells us about the love and joy that permeates this incredible time in your personalized consultation. Let us capture the radiance of your love for each other and for your precious hope for the future in your photographic session. Finally, feel awed at the majestic beauty of bringing new life into the world in your cinematic reveal and design consultation.

Ella Gagiano

Photographer & Owner of
Ella Gagiano Studios

Phone: 386-543-6277