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Living out your childhood dream with a

Mermaid Photoshoot.

Do you remember the genuine thrill and joy of loving mermaids as a child? The way their tails glimmered with all the beautiful colors. The freedom and fun of swimming in the ocean. It felt like another world you can easily get lost in where everything was fun and magical.

So many of us have lost our childlike wonder and amazement in life, but it’s something that you don’t ever have to loose. One of our favorite quotes is

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”

Franz Kafka

It’s the perfect reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed and you should never loose the ability to see the beauty and magic in the world.

What we love so much about the Mermaid community is their desire to step into the magic and realize all those years of them falling in love with mermaids they were able to fall in love with themselves the same way, that they too are magic.

Mermaid Photoshoot Florida Beach


A mermaid photoshoot is for mermaids of all ages, this experience is designed to create artwork that you serves as a reminder of how wonderfully made you are. That you are beautiful, brilliant, and magical. That life is as wonderful as you make it!

What is needed for a mermaid photoshoot?

We have the easiest job for you when it comes to preparing for your mermaid photoshoot! All you need to do is bring yourself and your favorite mermaid tail!

Whether you’ve always been fascinated by the allure of mermaids or you’re simply looking for a fun and creative way to express yourself, a mermaid photoshoot provide the perfect opportunity to channel your inner enchantress and create stunning photographs that capture the beauty and mystery of the sea.

Everyone has something in them calling out to feel beautiful, free, and totally alive. By stepping into this world of fantasy and enchantment you are allowing yourselves to remember what it is like to find wonder and joy in the world and to see how stunning you are when you are free to express yourself!

Mermaid Photoshoot Florida, Mermaid lying on rocks


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In this guide, we’ll explore the world of mermaid photoshoots from the client’s perspective offering tips and inspiration for creating a memorable and magical experience.

1. Embracing Your Inner Enchantress

One of the most exciting aspects of a mermaid photoshoot is the chance to embrace your inner enchantress and transform yourself into a mythical sea creature. Whether you’ve dreamed of posing on a sun-drenched beach with flowing locks and ethereal makeup or lounging on a rock with a shimmering tail, mermaid photoshoot allow you to unleash your creativity and express yourself in a playful and empowering way.

Becoming a mermaid is one of my favorite experiences and being able to do a photoshoot where that is something I get to proudly embrace was an amazing experience. Picking out my favorite tail, and getting to be pampered and have a hair and makeup look that was specifically created to highlight who I am and the connection to the tail. Stepping into this world was completely different than how I typically get to wear my tail (usually while swimming in the pool) this time I was able to connect in a deeper way that allowed me to shine.

I suggest embracing the opportunity to step into the role of a mermaid and let your imagination run wild as you explore the enchanting world of the sea.


2. Creating Your Mermaid Look

Creating your mermaid look is half the fun of a mermaid photoshoot! Start by selecting the perfect mermaid tail that reflects your personal style and vision. Whether you prefer a flowing fabric tail, a sparkling sequin tail, or a realistic silicone tail, choose a tail that makes you feel like the enchanting sea creature you are. There are absolutely no wrong answers, it’s so easy to get lost in all the possibilities but know that they will absolutely guide you through the experience.

I couldn’t decide on which tail I wanted to go for, but I sent them over photos of all my options and they talked with me more about how each one made me feel and what I wanted to feel after this session when I looked back on the photos. From there it helped so much with the nexts steps!

Once you’ve chosen your tail, experiment with hair and makeup looks inspired by the sea, incorporating soft waves, iridescent eyeshadows, and shimmering highlighter to enhance your mermaid transformation. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your look—after all, mermaids are known for their beauty and allure!

It’s okay if you have no clue what to do, their makeup artist was absolutely amazing, I wasn’t sure what I wanted exactly and with photos of my tail she was able to create a unique look for me based on what her and I talked about. Being able to step out of your comfort zone while still feeling absolutely beautiful is the key to a good photoshoot.

3. Choosing the Perfect Location

The location of your mermaid photoshoot plays a crucial role in setting the scene and capturing the magic of the sea. Whether you’re dreaming of a secluded beach, a tranquil lake, or a lush coastal forest, choose a location that complements your mermaid ensemble and enhances the enchantment of your photoshoot.

Ultimately, this photoshoot is about how being a mermaid makes you feel and luckily doing a mermaid photoshoot in florida there is absolutely no shortages of options to choose from!

Don’t worry if you have no idea trust Ella, she has some favorite locations that I chose from when it came time to doing my photoshoot and I loved the final results.

Mermaid Photoshoot on the beach, Mermaid Photoshoot Florida

4. Posing Like a Mermaid

Once you’re dressed and ready to dive into your mermaid photoshoot, it’s time to strike a pose and unleash your inner siren. There are so many things about being a mermaid that you’ve probably spent years fantasizing about whether your thoughts have been of reclining on a sun-drenched rock, lying in the ocean with the waves crashing around you, or gazing out at the sea, Ella is there to take all your ideas in turn them into stunning photos.

Your only job is to focus on embodying the beauty, grace, and allure of a mermaid with every movement and gesture.

5. Capturing the Magic

Capturing the magic of your mermaid photoshoot requires a photographer who shares your vision and understands how to create the look you are going for.

Ella’s team took the time to understand what I wanted out of my photoshoot and it turned into something more than I anticipated. I loved her work from the composition, lighting, and storytelling she had everything I looked for in a photographer. But what really stood out is how important it was for me to be seen and to step out of my comfort zone and shine in a way I’ve never been able to do.

It was such an amazing experience and I had so much fun during it that when I look back at the photos all I see is how genuine I felt in that moment.

6. Embracing the Experience

Above all, remember to embrace the experience of your mermaid photoshoot with an open heart and a sense of adventure. Let go of any expectations or inhibitions and allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in the enchantment of the moment. Whether you’re posing on a sun-drenched beach with the wind in your hair or reclining on a tranquil lake with the sun on your skin, savor every moment of your mermaid photoshoot and cherish the memories you create along the way.


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