Diversify your Model Portfolio with only 4 looks!

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfit

Are you just starting out as a model and need a portfolio that says WOW?

We understand how it is, you want to jump start in the industry and feel confident in your model portfolio, but you don’t know what to do, where to go, and how to do it.

There are so many amazing tips online that can say it better than us and more in depth when it comes to Marketing Yourself as a Model but what we want to talk about in specific is BRANDING yourself as a model and how to achieve the best results with your photos.

1. Think about what kind of model you want to be

There are really so many options out there when it comes to the types modeling and sure you can narrow it down into niches etc, but what we always ask our clients is what do they want to represent? Do you like to do dark, moody, abstract looks or do you want to do high fashion? Maybe your goal is to be more commercial and have more happy and casual looks. Whatever you want your brand to be that is the first part of stylizing your photoshoot to attract what you want.

With Melissa we absolutely loved the energy she brought to her session and how important it was to her to have life, fun, and energy in her photos.

Commercial Model Portfolio yankees top and pink cowboy boots

Commercial Model Portfolio yankees top and pink cowboy boots

You can feel her energy from these photos and you can tell how much of a joy it is to work with her as well as the life she can bring to any concept. What do you want to say with your brand?

2. Now that you know your brand what outfits do you feel represent that?

For your modeling portfolio you need to have the basics; a headshot, full length shot, swimsuit shot or lingerie shot (if you want to do these kinds of photos of course), as well as editorial and creative. Every model will have these and that is why making YOURS stand out is important. Think back to what you want to say with your images and now it’s time to figure out what outfits best do that.

With Melissa she brought multiple outfits for her photoshoot as she had so many ideas and was so excited to create diverse looks and build her portfolio right away and she absolutely needed it for everything she was doing. In this case if you are just starting out we think 4 outfits will be the perfect amount.

First outfit

This should be something casual, yet tight fitting that doesn’t take away from the way you look. It will be perfect for the full length and the headshots just as well.

Headshot Smiling Model Portfolio

Second outfit

This can be a swimsuit or lingerie and if you are not going for that then think about something you are excited for and want to shoot, maybe it is workout clothes or something more niche.

Swimsuit Shot Model Portfolio full length orange swimsuit
A Commercial Shot Model Portfolio blue gym outfit
A Full-Length Body Shot Model Portfolio pink gym clothesThird outfit

We recommend be one that you can move it and express yourself the best.

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio 70s themed outfit hippy fashionFourth outfit

This is where things get fun, this should be bold, unique and a statement piece that really strikes to the core of what you want to do, what you love, and what you imagine when you dream about the perfect gig.

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfit

Feeling inspired yet?

3. Now that you know your brand, what outfits you want, where do you go next?

This is where we come in. You want to hire an experienced photographer who will know how to capture not only the photos you need, but the ones you will want. As well as someone who can guide you through posing and capturing your best angles and creating something that will leave you feeling inspired, confident, and wanting to go out a conquer the world! (Or you know your career)

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfitEditorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfit


Now after all that if you are still struggling to figure out what YOU want but you want to get your portfolio going, then don’t wait to reach out, one of our favorite things in our studio is helping our clients figure out what works best for them and creating a custom experience. We will guide you, pose you, and even have an amazing hair and makeup team that can create the final touches for your perfect look. For Melissa’s photoshoot in our Las Vegas Photography Studio we use our wonderful team Las Vegas Makeup Girl

And truth be told, many of our clients figure it out as we are planning for their photoshoot as one of our superpowers is hearing what our clients want and creating a life changing experience, and yes that even applies to your modeling portfolio!

Stunning Wedding at Resorts World Las Vegas

wedding at Resorts World Las Vegas

Are you thinking of getting married at Resorts World Las Vegas?

One of the biggest things our clients want to know prior to booking their venue is how does it look in their photos! If you are thinking of having your wedding at Resorts World Las Vegas take a look at the beautiful wedding of Zahra & Zain.

wedding photography at Resorts World Las Vegas

With this being a new venue we were absolutely excited for all the inspiration we could find for their couples photo after their ceremony. Ella and her second photographer Joe went a few days prior to the wedding to scout for the perfect locations. One of our favorite things to work with in a new environment is the architecture and design.

bride at Resorts World Las Vegas with Pink Flowers above her

All the beautiful floral inspired Ella to create some wow photos that we are just in love with.


wedding photography at Resorts World Las VegasAs a Las Vegas Wedding photographer the one thing we want to create for our clients is an unforgettable experience, we believe our photography should capture the beauty of each of our clients and the emotions they feel not only day of but what their love makes them feel leading up to their wedding day and what they want to celebrate for years to come.

Couple Smiling happily during their wedding at Resorts World Las Vegas

When having a wedding at Resorts World Las Vegas it isn’t only about how beautiful the inside of the hotel is!

For our studio we absolutely love dramatic bold photos so of course we loved that you could capture a moment like this outside where you could see the Las Vegas Strip.


black and white wedding photography at Resorts World Las Vegas

Let us know which photo is your favorite! And if you need a wedding photographer we would love to set up a meeting with you to hear all about your wedding day and what is important to you! Just contact us here 


Desert Engagement Photoshoot – MAKE IT UNIQUE WITH ONLY 1 ADDITION

desert engagement photoshoot with red ford mustang

Looking for a creative way to make your desert engagement session stand out?


Here is how to upgrade your desert engagement photoshoot into something unique and perfect for you and your fiancé

couple kissing on red ford mustang in desert engagement photoshoot

One of our favorite things about having a studio in Las Vegas for our destination weddings is our clients have so much versatility for their engagement session. One of the biggest questions we receive from our clients who want to do a desert engagement photoshoot is what can they do to make their photos stand out even more!

It’s EASY you just need to add 1 thing to make your desert engagement photoshoot stand out

For our beautiful couple Caitlin & Tyler they wanted loved the vintage look and with our experience in doing many photoshoots in the desert with luxury cars we were so excited when they rented the 1965 Ford Mustang from Las Vegas Classic Car Rentals

woman in white marilyn monroe dress in the desert with a red 1965 ford mustang

And WOW, we were blown away when we saw how perfect their choice was. With Caitlin’s beautiful red hair and her classic Marilyn Monroe white dress we felt like we were transported back in time where you could just jump in your car and go where the wind took you. Such freedom, excitement, and happiness!


It was the perfect way to to symbolize their love for each other and them starting their future together. We cannot wait for their wedding day!

Check out the other engagement sessions we have done for inspiration for your photoshoot!


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The Perfect Groom Gift from Bride

Boudoir Photoshoot in black lingerie red silk sheet

This is the gift he will absolutely love and one you will love to give. All our clients have said this was the perfect groom gift from bride. We know all too well that once you book your session you are guaranteed to to start out your fiance’s wedding day full of excitement but you will beginning the best self love journey for yourself leading up to your wedding day. (We will absolutely be talking about that in another blog post, so keep a look out!)

The Perfect Groom Gift From BrideBut let’s take it back to the priority of why a boudoir session is the perfect wedding present. It really comes down to one thing he is marrying YOU, he loves YOU more than anything else, right? So how can anything beat giving him a boudoir album full of sexy, jaw dropping, photos of yourself?

Boudoir Photoshoot in black lingerie

Nothing can beat that, but at Ella Gagiano Studios we make your boudoir photoshoot a life changing experience. One that will change the way you feel about yourself leading up to the wedding, where you know how beautiful you are, are confident in yourself, and so blown away by the whole experience that your only worry is not being able to keep this a secret until your wedding day!

Boudoir Photoshoot in black lingerie red smoke

As our beautiful Miss H says “The Hardest Secret I have ever had to keep!”


Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot

Are you ready to to WOW your future husband on your wedding day? Book your bridal boudoir session now!

Boudoir Photoshoot in black lingerie red silk sheet


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Make up and hair: Las Vegas Make Up Girl

Michelle & Christian – Bear’s Best

We cannot stop talking about Michelle & Christian’s wedding day, there is something special about these clients as they seem to bring in the most beautiful perfect day for photos. Their engagement photos are hands down the ones all our clients fall in love with, they had a spectacular sky that day that we haven’t seen before and it was just absolutely stunning. Which leads to why we can’t stop being in awe that on their wedding day they had such an equally beautiful sky. We are fully under the impression that they some how bring on a perfect day. We cannot wait to share the photos, but for now here is their beautiful wedding video sneak peek!


Congratulations Michelle & Christian

Venue: Bear’s Best Las Vegas 

Photographer & Videographer: Ella Gagiano Studios

Marcia & Patrick – Bear’s Best

There is something about our brides who can easily make us cry. Being able to see all the love and joy they have and being a part of their day it just hits us to be able to witness all the love the are feeling in that moment. The one thing we can say for Marcia & Patrick is that their day was a day of celebrating. They had the kind of reception that you always want and anticipate as you are planning your wedding day. Everyone was having fun out on the dance floor and there was never a dull moment. You knew everyone was there to have a good time and to celebrate this amazing moment with Marcia & Patrick.

Congratulations Marcia & Patrick!

Venue: Bear’s Best Las Vegas

Photographer & Videographer: Ella Gagiano Studios

Melanie & Christian – Angel Park


When you are marrying your best friend everything becomes easy. The excitement, the anticipation, and the calm that comes with you finally see your love is all a part of what’s to be expected during a wedding day. We love seeing all the beautiful friendships and how important family is to Melanie & Christian. One of our favorite moments was Melanie wanting to do a first look with her bridal party. Such a sweet moment and always the reminder that friends become family and its unique moments like these that make a wedding day special. So happy to share all the fun that Melanie & Christian’s wedding day brought and how beautiful of a couple they are.


Congratulations Melanie & Christian!


Venue: Angel Park

Kae & Robert – Las Vegas Country Club


From the moment we met Kaelyn & Robert we all decided we were stuck with each other (obviously in the best way imaginable). They are both the type of people you meet and instantly love and feel like family with. Getting to know them both throughout their engagement session and leading up to and after their wedding was such a pleasure. Kae lights up a room and Robert, well he would probably replace the sun in the sky with Kae with how he looks at her as if she is the sun itself.

We’ve so much enjoyed this last year as we’ve seen how wedding days have shifted from not only the love our clients have for one another but really having all their friends and family around to celebrate with them. We feel like a broken record but seeing the love our clients are surrounded with is really magical.

Congratulations Kae & Robert!


Venue: Las Vegas Country Club

Photography: Ella Gagiano Studios

Videography: Ella Gagiano Studios

Alex & JR – Las Vegas Wedding Video

We are very blessed to have such amazing clients that sometimes we are truly surprised with how much we love them. We really want to take a moment to talk about how important it is to hire people who you love working with. A wedding day is typically the biggest event you will have in your life. It’ll involve so many different moving parts to create your dream and you are really going to love having amazing people by your side.

So with that being said, Alex & JR we absolutely honored to have been a part of your wedding day. We loved getting to know the both of you and your families and seeing how much love you have for those around you and how much you both are loved. It was such a beautiful and elegant event and truly at a loss for words for how spectacular it was.  We are so excited to share your wedding video sneak peek! We feel this trailer explains all of the words we are at a loss to say.


Congratulations on your spectacular day, Alex & JR!


Planner: Silknitter Event Consulting

Photography: Ella Gagiano Studios

Videography: Ella Gagiano Studios

Catering: Cut and Taste

Decor: DBD Weddings

Cocktails: The Craft LV

DJ: DJ Mike Fox

Getting Ready: ARIA Resort & Casino

Marianne & Steven – M Resort

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
Robert A. Heinlein


There is one moment our team remembers from Marianne and Steven’s wedding that we can’t help but feel it sums up the way they feel for each other and the amazing life they will have. But before we get to that one moment we want to set the scene.


We were a team of four; two photographer (Ella and Mari) and two videographers (Sammi and Joe) and had spent the morning with each of them getting ready. They both love their family and friends and had been spending it getting ready with them, and excitedly waiting for their first look.  One of the things we love the most about about what we offer with our video collections are the interviews. It’s a moment where our clients can sit down, breathe, and really experience what they are feeling. We always schedule it them right after they get ready and prior to the first look/ceremony. That way they can feel how real the moment is becoming.

I (Sammi) am known for making our clients cry, I wear that badge with pride as we absolutely love that you feel comfortable sharing how you feel and allowing us to capture that special moment where you tell each other what you love most and what you always want the other one to know for now and forever. Marianne is such a beautiful woman with a kind heart and it was so evident how excited she was for her day and how much she absolutely adores Steven.

The day was already pretty special seeing how much they loved each other while they were apart that we were equally looking forward to their first look.

Their wedding was held at M Resort and we have a beautiful spot we love to do first looks to allow our couple to have this special moment just for themselves. You can see in their wedding trailer (their wedding video sneak peek) how beautiful their first look was.

It was after this first look that we saw the moment we can’t help but talk about since their wedding. We were all in the elevator with Marianne and Steven so the four of us and their amazing wedding planner SJ and there they were standing in the middle just staring at each other, as if none of us were there and they were in their own world. Ella and I could see how Marianne looked at Steven and you could just see her eyes sparkle, it was so beautiful.


Congratulations Marianne and Steven, we hope you always keep that sparkle in your eyes for one another.