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Embracing Elegance: Your Journey through the best Glamour Photoshoot Experience

Florida boudoir studio, glamour photoshoot

Your glamour photoshoot experience is more than being pampered with hair and makeup and dressing up in stunning dresses. It’s an empowering session where we focus on you. You are the strong woman whose given herself to everyone and everything she has ever done. You’ve been an amazing mom, a loving daughter, a boss babe, and everything in between but the one thing you have’t done is celebrated all your accomplishments and successes. A glamour photoshoot is everything you need and more. Now is the time to fill your cup and celebrate you.

Strong woman in transparent dress on red sofa, glamour photoshoot


Welcome to Ella Gagiano Studios where we focus on showing you how beautiful and amazing you really are. Where elegance meets empowerment, and sophistication intertwines with self-assurance. If you’ve ever dreamt of stepping into your own spotlight, capturing the essence of your beauty in a celebration of empowerment, then a glamour photoshoot is your invitation to shine.

Every Glamour Photoshoot is different from one client to the next but all sessions focus on creating an empowering session where our clients will walk away feeling on cloud 9 where all their insecurities and self doubt is melted and all they focus on is how truly wonderful they really are.


Glamour Photoshoot woman on gold victorian couch with blue dress

Illuminating Your Inner Glow

Glamour photography isn’t just about capturing external beauty; it’s about revealing the inner radiance that shines from within. It’s a celebration of self-confidence, strength, and empowerment, where every image tells a story of resilience and grace. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, embracing your unique identity, or simply reveling in the joy of self-expression, a glamour photoshoot is a the perfect way to finally see yourself the way others do and the way you should.

As woman we are so critical of ourselves. It’s what makes us so amazing because we strive to constantly do better, but we never give ourselves the grace and love we give everyone around us. You cannot see yourself when you are happy or proud. You only look in the mirror to see flaws. And you’ve been around yourself for so long you forget how special you are.

It is hard to step back and really see yourself the way the people who love you do, but with a glamour photoshoot we aim to focus on what makes you beautiful inside and out so you can finally see that is absolutely ok for you to step out of your comfortzone and shine the way you were meant to.

glamour photoshoot of woman in red dress, strong woman photoshoot

Preparing for Your Empowering Glamour Photoshoot Experience

As you prepare for your glamour photoshoot, take a moment to remember you are more than you give yourself credit for, that everything you’ve done in life has led you to where you are. That all lows have led to the highs and we are here to celebrate you. It’s difficult to look at ourselves objectively, but that is why our team is here for you to understand what makes you you and how we can turn that into a beautiful empowering session where you finally see the amazing woman you are.

Your Glamour Photoshoot is meant to showcase you. The you that you want to be, the version of you that you hide away from, and the you that we suspect is already radiating when you aren’t caught up in all your self doubts. This is the you that has her cup filled and running over. The you that you know you can be and are when you give all of yourself.

Leading up to your photoshoot we want to talk about what you love about yourself, what you want out of this experience, and ultimately we want to understand why this is so important.

We know that these are not every day conversations, but this is not an every day kind of photoshoot either. This is an empowering glamour photoshoot and our calls are there to help guide you through preparing for your own session and help you feel empowered and ready to embrace the transformative experience that awaits.

Begin by envisioning the message you want to convey through your photoshoot. Whether it’s confidence, strength, elegance, or all of the above, let what you feel what you need, what you desire and what you want to showcase from yourself and your accomplishments guide you.

Glamour Photoshoot with woman in beautiful pink ballgown and horse in a field

Creating the Vision: Planning your Outfits

By embracing your uniqueness, celebrating your individuality, and allowing yourself to step out and own your confidence will make outfit choices so much easier for your glamour photoshoot.

In this day in age sometimes we can get so caught up in what others think, but your photoshoot is all about you.

This is where your personality shines and where we want you to have fun with it.

Choose wardrobe pieces that make you feel powerful and confident, whether that means a suit, a flowing gown, sexy dress, or something completely unexpected. We have seen it all and love helping our clients bring out their best sides, so if you struggle to know exactly what you want, don’t worry. Schedule your consultation with us and we are here to guide you through your entire experience and creating looks specifically designed to make your glamour photoshoot stand out.

When selecting a location for your photoshoot, we are open to both in studio and out of studio. Both options include hair and makeup as well as the ability to do multiple looks. When it comes to choosing the perfect location if you have something in mind already let us know, but ultimately we believe location is the backdrop to you so don’t put too much stress on feeling like you need the answers before we speak. It will ultimately be secondary to your experience. We find that getting to know you and what you want out of this helps us make the best recommendation.

Finally, take time to pamper yourself in the days leading up to your shoot. You should be feeling absolutely excited and ready to have fun and relax during your session. If that means spa day or getting your nails done or something in between. The whole goal is for you to see how amazing you are when you get to take care of you ❤️

Glamour Photoshoot, woman in sexy black dress

Embracing Your Strength: Posing with Confidence

In glamour photography, posing is a powerful tool for self-expression and empowerment and it is also the one thing that makes our clients the most nervous.

We understand how being in the front of the camera can feel. We totally feel awkward in front of the camera too. But that is why we focus so much on guiding our clients through their session. Not only showing you how to pose, but making you feel comfortable so each pose feels authentic to your energy and what you want from facial expressions, to where to place your hands. Ella is known for not only telling you what to do but showing you how to do it when the poses are a little bit more difficult.

Glamour Photography is about embodying confidence, strength, and grace in every movement, allowing your inner beauty to shine through with each pose. When you leave you will see how connected to your body you will feel and how that gives you the confidence to stand tall. These poses will leave you feeling powerful allowing you to embrace your inner strength and celebrate your unique beauty.

As you pose for the camera during your session know that sometimes the poses feel awkward or a bit silly, but in that you will see that when you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and not worry about what others think you are able to shine your best.

Remember that the whole point of a glamour photoshoot is to show you all the parts of yourself you do not see. That your idea of perfect might be unattainable because you spend too much time focusing on what you see as flaws. Think about the people you wish you could be like, imagine if you looked at them the same way you looked at yourself, when given time to focus on what is wrong that is all we ever end up seeing. We want you to see the real you, the beautiful you. The one that shines when she is having fun, feeling sexy, and being confident. Let your Glamour Photoshoot change the way you see yourself.

Be ready to embrace your imperfections, celebrate your uniqueness, and allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of the lens. It’s in those raw moments that your true beauty shines brightest and you get to fall in love with yourself.

Empowering Strong Woman Photoshoot, glamour photoshoot

Capturing Empowerment in Every Frame

On the day of your photoshoot we know the excitement and nerves build to an all time high. It feels like you are a five year old and it’s the day before Christmas, or for all you thrill seekers, like going on a roller coaster for the first time! It is so exciting and you cannot wait but unsure of what to expect.

We want you to feel totally pampered and taken care of during your session. We know what it’s like as women. We are always taking care of everyone around us that we have so little time to relax and take care of ourselves. So we’ve created our entire glamour photoshoot experience for you to feel like a VIP.

On the day of you will arrive with your outfits and from there you will sit back, relax, and have fun. It will leave you feeling like a total star by the end of the day.

From the moment you arrive at the studio, you’ll be surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals ready to help you feel empowered and uplifted.

First, you’ll meet with your hair and makeup artist where she will create the perfect look and style based on everything we discussed prior to your session. Don’t worry if you know nothing about hair or makeup, during our initial consultation we will have walked you through the entire process. So if all you have is the general vibe of what you want or a specific inspo photo our team will create something you will absolutely love! Our artist can do anything you desire from full on glam, to sexy goddess, creative magic to a soft natural look. Whatever it is they’ll work their magic to enhance your features and bring out your inner radiance.

Next, it’s time to step in front of the camera and let the fun begin. Ella will guide you through the process. We pride ourselves on creating a custom experience tailored just to you- where you are the star of your glamour photoshoot. That means she will set up every scene and every lighting to bring out the best in you and to create a look you will love, after all a glamour session is all about letting you shine.

We know how easy it is to get nervous in front of the camera but trust what others had to say about their session with Ella Gagiano Studios. She is there offering support and encouragement every step of the way. Allow you to be fully present in the moment, embracing the power and beauty that resides within you.


review for glamour photoshoot

As the photoshoot comes to a close and you are heading out the door know that you will have already felt like a completely different woman and we want you to prepare to step into your power and embrace the transformative experience that a glamour photoshoot with Ella Gagiano Studios will create.

“I came OUT feeling literally like a different person mentally. I honestly see my body in a whole new light. I love this body I have and appreciate all it can do.
My self confidence and esteem is just over the top.
I feel myself smiling so much more!

You’re thinking, ‘over a photo shoot’?
YES, over a photo shoot. And I hadn’t even seen the pictures.
Ella makes you feel like one in 100 million. Like you’re the only thing that matters! She’s sweet, funny, patient and so very kind.” – Allison



The Empowerment of a Glamour Photoshoot Unveiled

After your photoshoot we will edit your photos perfectly and have you come back in for the final reveal. This is the most exciting part of all and our absolute favorite. There are no words to describe what this experience is like and how transformative it is for our clients.

No matter how much we prepare you for your glamour photoshoot nothing can truly calm your nervousness until you sit down and see your photos first hand.

During you reveal we will play a slideshow where you get to enjoy the final outcome of everything you’ve been building up to. No thinking or trying to remember your favorite photos, we want you to just sit back and allow yourself to be inspired by the strength and beauty that radiates from each photo.

Right now you might be thinking if this is truly as empowering as we’ve stated, it’s okay, no one believes us when they first inquire, but all we can say is if you end up crying during your reveal it’s ok as we completely expect it. ❤️

Whether you choose to display them in a stunning album, frame them for your walls, or share them with loved ones on social media, the images from your photoshoot serve as a powerful reminder of the empowerment you possess so we want this to be more than one moment for you, we want this to inspire you every day.  We will guide you through your selection process and help design custom luxury to honor and celebrate your journey with us.

Once you receive your photos take time to reflect on the experience, celebrate your strength, embrace your uniqueness, and honor the beauty that resides within you. These will be daily reminders of how beautiful and amazing you really are. For every moment you have self doubt, or feeling like you aren’t enough, take a moment to look at your photos and see who you really are.

You are an amazing woman and we have seen first hand that a glamour photoshoot is more than just capturing beautiful images – it’s about embracing your strength, celebrating your uniqueness, and honoring the beauty that resides within you. By stepping into your power and allowing yourself to shine, you’ll create memories that will inspire and empower you for years to come. So go ahead, embrace your radiance, celebrate your strength, and let the magic of glamour photography transform your dreams into reality.



The Ultimate MMA Photoshoot with Georges St-Pierre, 3 time UFC Champion

MMA Photoshoot with Georges St-Pierre, men's photography

When you have the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts, three time UFC champion, and actor in so many cool action movies, you want to create fitness photoshoot that shows off all of that hard work and dedication that Georges St-Pierre put not only into his career but his life.

Understanding who Georges St-Pierre is


Like any person who is focused on their goals and committed to succeeding in what they set out to do GSP is a man of focus. Working with him we learned of his motivation to get into fighting and was able to see him train one on one. We met his personal trainer whose energy left us impressed.

Both GSP and his trainer Erik Owings were humble chill dudes who talked with us through sets. Creating an impression of how intense it is when they switch to fighting mode. Their understanding of techniques and explanation actually left us feeling as if we could jump into the ring ourselves.

While working with them on filming their launch of Rush Fit 2 we became so excited to personally attempt the workout routines ourselves! (We might need to stick with being expert photographers as his workouts are no joke. )

That is why we wanted to create statement photos that stood out and exemplified the power, strength, and attitude Georges St-Pierre carries with him everyday.

For the launch of Rush Fit 2 GSP sat down with Muscle and Health Magazine to talk about what motivates him and his formula for success; his motto is “Do a little a lot, not a lot a little!’ It’s all about consistency,”

In true GSP fashion he followed through with his consistency and brought out the intensity and energy we all expect from him during his MMA Photoshoot with us.

Creating the perfect Fitness Photoshoot

Working with other fitness experts we know how important it is to stand out and feel powerful. Fitness is about control. Hard work. Perseverance.

Getting to know our clients one on one throughout the years we’ve seen what motivates them and pushes them to be the best. Each story is different but one thing remains work out is not a passive hobby but a lifestyle.

It defines you, it motivates you, it pushes you further than you ever dreamed of.

It is something to celebrate.

It is all about YOU.

That is why we focus on creating photos that focus on our clients. That say “I am” powerful, determined, focused.

There is no need for background noise when you are in the zone.

Georges St-Pierre MMA PHOTOSHOOT

MMA Photoshoot with Georges St-Pierre

MMA Photoshoot with Georges St-Pierre

MMA Photoshoot with Georges St-Pierre

MMA Photoshoot with Georges St-PierreMMA Photoshoot with Georges St-PierreMMA Photoshoot with Georges St-PierreMMA Photoshoot with Georges St-Pierre and Erik Owings


Are You Ready?

Feel as fantastic as GSP with your own Fitness Photoshoot

Diversify Your Model Portfolio With Only 4 Looks!

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfit

Are you just starting out as a model and need a model portfolio that says WOW?

We understand how it is when you want to jumpstart your career in the modeling industry and feel confident in your modeling portfolio, and yet you don’t know how to get started.

There are so many amazing articles online that can say it better than us and are more in-depth when it comes to marketing yourself as a model, but we aren’t here to talk about marketing.

What we want to talk about specifically is BRANDING yourself as a model and how to achieve the best results with your photos.

What is a model’s portfolio? 


The best pictures from your collection go into your modeling portfolio.

This portfolio is usually contained within a folder that is created after the first photo shoot and then is supplemented with the best photos after each photo shoot.

Modeling Portfolio Requirements

The main requirements for a modeling portfolio are versatility and professionalism.

A standard modeling portfolio should contain “test photos” and several different looks with a change of makeup, clothes, and hairstyle.

Likewise, a model should show that they can be different, can reincarnate into different looks, reveal their emotions, work well in front of the camera, feel their body, etc.

Model Portfolio Summarized

In essence, a model portfolio is a set of professional photographs that seek to maximize the model’s strengths and hide his or her weaknesses.

A modeling portfolio is made according to specific rules and consists of mandatory and optional elements.

A full-fledged modeling book should include snapshots, modeling tests, fashion and beauty photos, publications, and footage from fashion shows and advertising shoots.

With all this said, let’s look at the process of creating a model portfolio.

Think about what kind of model you want to be

There are many different types of modeling, and sure you can narrow them down into niches etc., but what we always ask our clients is, what do you want to convey?

Do you like to do dark, moody, abstract looks, or do you want to do high fashion?

Maybe your goal is to be more commercial and have more happy and casual shoots.

Whatever you want your brand to be, you’ll want to stylize your photoshoot accordingly to attract what you want.

With Melissa, we absolutely loved the energy she brought to her session and how important it was to her to have life, fun, and energy in her photos.

Commercial Model Portfolio yankees top and pink cowboy boots

Commercial Model Portfolio yankees top and pink cowboy boots

You can feel her energy from these photos, and you can tell how much of a joy it is to work with her. Her vibe in these photos is upbeat and positive, with undertones of rustic America.

What do you want to say with your brand?

Now that you know your brand, what outfits do you feel represent it?

For your modeling portfolio, you need the basics:

A headshot, full length shot, swimsuit shot or lingerie shot (if you want to do these kinds of photos, of course), as well as editorial and creative shots.

Every established model will have these kinds of photos in their portfolio, so it’s important to do your photos well enough so that you stand out from the crowd.

Enhancing Your Model Portfolio With Outfits

Think back to what you want to say with your images and then figure out what outfits best do that.

With Melissa, she brought multiple outfits for her photo shoot since she had so many ideas and was so excited to create diverse looks and build her portfolio right away, and she absolutely needed it for everything she was doing.

If you are just starting out, we think 4 outfits is the perfect amount.

First Outfit

This should be something casual, yet tight-fitting so that it doesn’t distract from your physique. A tight, casual outfit is perfect for full length photos and headshots.

Headshot Smiling Model Portfolio

Second Outfit

Your second outfit can be a swimsuit or lingerie, and if you are not going for that kind of look, then think about something you are excited for and want to shoot. Maybe it is workout clothes or something more niche.

Swimsuit Shot Model Portfolio full length orange swimsuit
A Commercial Shot Model Portfolio blue gym outfit

A Full-Length Body Shot Model Portfolio pink gym clothes

Third Outfit

We recommend that your third outfit be one that you can move in easily and express yourself.

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio 70s themed outfit hippy fashion

Fourth Outfit

This is where things get fun.

Your fourth outfit should be a bold, unique statement piece that really strikes to the core of what you want to do, what you love, and what you imagine when you dream about the perfect gig.

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfit

Further Reading: Steps to make a great model portfolio in a photo studio


First, to apply to any agency, it is necessary to take pictures and pass some modeling tests.

Snapshots are taken on a plain background with soft light while your hair is kept in a simple style—usually in a ponytail.

When taking swimwear snapshots, the model should not have makeup on since these shots are designed to show their natural appearance.

Swimwear shots come with virtually no retouching.

Close-up photos cover the following:

Full-face (with and without a smile), profile (left and right).

Lump photos cover the following:

Full-face, profile (left and right), back view.

When To Take Snapshots

In principle, you can take snapshots at home in daylight against a plain-colored wall. But, of course, it’s better to take snapshots in a photo studio.

Model Tests

Model tests are photos taken with soft and/or hard (contrast) light, often in black and white.

They reveal the type of model the model is and their ability to pose, play, and reincarnate. In short, model tests reveal the model’s professional abilities.

Usually, model tests are shot in a minimalist style since there shouldn’t be anything unnecessary distracting from the model.

The model’s clothes should be tight and consist of leggings, T-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, etc.

Their makeup should be light and natural.

Good modeling tests also consist of at least three different looks.


Now you have to add fashion and beauty photos made in a photo studio to your portfolio (especially if you are going to work as a model).

Fashion photos will show the client how to advertise clothes, and beautiful photos will show cosmetics, jewelry, etc.

A photo with an accent on the most beautiful part of the body (lips, arms, legs, hands) is not redundant.

Here are a couple IMPORTANT nuances when creating a modeling portfolio in a photo studio:

  • It takes more than one shoot to create a modeling portfolio, which is built up throughout your career. Typically, unless you’re lucky, you can make only a few excellent shots in one shoot, which will be added to your portfolio.
  • You shouldn’t put weak shots in your model portfolio.

Your model portfolio should be updated periodically to keep it current and relevant to your current appearance.

For example, if you’ve changed your image drastically (for example, changing your hair color, getting a haircut, getting a cosmetic procedure, or changing your weight), this is a good reason to update your model portfolio.

  • To create a complete model portfolio, you must work with several photographers. Each one will have their own vision and style, and each one will express their image and personality in a unique way. If just one photographer photographs a model, she risks being portrayed one-sidedly.
  • You should be careful when choosing a photographer: do not do photo shoots with everyone, especially if they specialize in different shoots (weddings, reportage). Also, you should avoid beginners because you will not get good results with them. To add to your modeling portfolio, you need a smart photographer with the appropriate specialization (fashion, beauty, model tests, advertising) and a good photo studio.


A photo model is NOT just a girl with good looks, clear skin, and a friendly smile who can pose in a photo studio.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), modeling is a little more complicated in reality.

To become an excellent model, you need to be able to do much more.

See below for more information about two exercises that will help you.

Exercise One

Stand by yourself in front of a mirror (anywhere from 30-50 cm from it).

You should position yourself so that the light that falls on one side of your face is slightly darker than the other.

Cold Look

Now look in the mirror and emulate a cold and arrogant expression. VERY cold and even haughty.

Looking at your image in the mirror should send shivers down your spine!

Did you try it?

Great, now close your eyes, relax your face (you can massage it a little with your hands), take a few breaths, and open your eyes.

Sad Look

Now look at yourself in the mirror again and emulate someone who is about to cry. You should try and generate emotions with your expression.

In fact, your expression should be sad enough to evoke pity in anyone who sees you!

Have you tried it?

If so, don’t take too long.

It’s all right if at the beginning you can’t capture the expressions that you would like to. You’ll get there in time.

Happy Look

Now try again and generate another emotion, this time a positive one.

Try the exercise at least 2-3 times a week (or better yet, every day for 5-10 minutes).

Performing The Exercise With Others

After you get some practice this way, you’ll want to make the exercise more challenging for yourself and practice generating emotions with other people in the room.

Ask someone you know to stand next to you and look (just silently and attentively to begin with!) at your facial expressions.

Next, arrange for someone who doesn’t know you that well to watch you closely and critique your performance.

Performing The Exercise Without A Mirror

Once you’ve had practice generating expressions in front of others with the help of a mirror, the next step is to do the same exercise without a mirror.

You’ll first want to do this in front of an acquaintance, then in front of a stranger, then in front of a group of strangers, etc.

Why Is This Exercise Necessary?

You may be wondering, why is this exercise necessary?

Well, everyone can “smile sweetly into the camera.”

But not everyone can powerfully convey emotions on command. Certainly, everyone can convey emotions when they feel emotional, but it takes a professional model or actor to convey any emotion on command.

An experienced model can easily create fifty different looks in a 10-minute shoot.

Trying This Exercise For Your Own Benefit

By the way, even if you don’t have any plans on starting a modeling career, you can still benefit from this exercise.

Learning how to command your expressions in any given situation can benefit you in your personal life and work life.

There will be times when you need to be careful about the emotions you convey, especially if you are feeling emotional or perhaps not emotional enough in a personal or business setting.

This isn’t a call to be fake with your emotions, but sometimes a small change in your expression goes a long way in helping someone feel like you’re listening to them.

Exercise Two

As a model, you should not just utilize only a few poses. Instead, you should master several different poses.

Of course, the poses you take are largely determined by the photographer. A skilled photographer will guide you on what’s appropriate.

Still, a good model knows how to quickly strike a dozen or two effective poses without the orchestration of a skilled photographer.

With this in mind, this second exercise is aimed at helping you develop the necessary skill to pose quickly and effectively.

To perform the exercise correctly, you will need a large mirror.

Positioning Yourself With Your Mirror

Bear in mind, you shouldn’t stand any closer than 8 feet from your mirror. You’ll want to be able to see your full reflection with some space to spare.

Regarding the lighting in your room:

You’ll want the light in your room to cover half your body, so that half of it is shadowed.

You’ll then want to take one of your standard poses (at the end of the text, there are some examples of standard standing positions), freeze, and look meticulously in the mirror.

Only, when you look, you should NOT criticize your body, i.e., nitpick about your weight or your hairstyle.

Instead, you should pay attention to how well you pose!

How straight is your posture? Are you conveying the proper mood? Is this a common pose?

These are questions you’ll want to ask.

Once you find an excellent pose (preferably one this is commonly used so that you can reference it), make a mental note of it and remember it well so that you can refer back to it whenever you need.

Replicate The Pose

Once you’ve made a strong mental note of your pose, you’ll want to return momentarily to a normal standing position and then quickly assume the pose again.

Maintain it for a couple of seconds, then relax again, and then once more, take the pose.

Expand Your Number of Poses

Working in this way, you can memorize many beneficial poses. The more you practice, the more poses you’ll master.

Transitioning From Pose To Pose

Once you’ve got the hang of multiple poses, you’ll next want to transition between poses. The smoother you make your transitions, the better.

You’ll want to keep practicing these transitions until they become automatic, and then you can start trying to “create” new poses that haven’t been used before.

Add Nuance To Your Poses

To add nuance to your poses, go from pose to pose without trying to perfectly replicate your learned postures. Instead, experiment with slight alterations to see if you can benefit from changing things up ever-so-slightly.

Second, try adding different emotions to each pose along with facial expressions that match various moods.

Remember that emotions are reflected in the body, so for instance, if you’re supposed to illustrate someone who has been suddenly and powerfully “taken aback” by something, maybe lean back involuntarily.

Whatever emotion you are trying to convey, do your best to illustrate it with your physicality.

Practice Your Poses Periodically

Practice your poses periodically and bit by bit you can think up and learn a whole series of poses with unique elements, which you can easily use when necessary.

Having several poses in your repertoire will increase your confidence and help reduce the modeling jitters that you sometimes get, especially if you’re a beginner.


Portraits are photos that clearly show the model’s face. They are usually taken in 20×25 format and show the model’s face and upper body taken from a close angle.

It is essential that the headshot, as the portrait is also called, is focused on the face.

Portraits are also usually shot with minimal makeup, so facial features and skin color are visible. Every model should have such a shot in its portfolio.

Beauty Shots

On the other hand, beauty shots are artistic photos that, just like portraits, depict the model’s head and upper body. But unlike portraits, the model may wear makeup and be shot in a dramatic pose.

If you want to work as a model in print publications, this kind of photography is a must for you.

Fashion shoots are completely true to their name; the pictures depict models in different ways, and the main focus here is on the clothes.

Even the makeup of the model is chosen to accentuate the outfit. This is the kind of photo that fashion models need.

Swimsuit Photos

A swimsuit photo shoot is obvious designed to show the body of a model. This is another type of photo that you may need for advertising in print publications.

Another photo that you will probably need to start a modeling career in print publications is an editorial shot.

Make sure your costumes are ready at least five days before your editorial shoot.


  • It’s a good idea to keep extra copies of your photos somewhere safe. That way, you won’t panic if you lose your model portfolio.
  • Remember: A model portfolio is not a photo album! If a picture doesn’t sell you, don’t include it just because it represents a special value to you.
  • Ideally, your portfolio should not contain more than year-old pictures. You will need to reshoot your portfolio on occasion.
  • If you’re only making a portfolio to get accepted by a particular agency, think twice. Most agencies will ask you to do the shoot after you sign the contract, so you may have to pay twice.
  • Don’t use new, untested facial products before a shoot, as this can lead to some pretty lamentable results.
  • When getting dressed, ensure everything is worn correctly – no kinked straps and misplaced buttons.
  • It’s wrong to assume that the photographer with the highest price is the best. Yet it’s also true that you get what you pay for. Find the middle ground!
  • Practicing your modeling skills may seem like a strange activity at first. But it is necessary! What looks good in your imagination may not work in real life, and you need to figure things out before you go on a shoot!
  • Try not to tan before your shoot. Tan marks can be a problem.
  • Keep in mind that many photographers and makeup artists have rules about canceling arrangements. Usually, if you cancel the shoot less than 48 hours before the agreed time, you have to pay at least part of the amount, if not the full price.

Your model album should be organized and visually appealing.

Loose pictures and slides, no contact list, and torn or crumpled photos are signs of a poorly presented model portfolio.

Just as an accountant cannot offer her resume on crumpled paper, a respectful model should not have a sloppy portfolio.

Your model portfolio represents you! Make it sturdy. It will make a positive impression.

To get a quality model portfolio, we recommend adhering to the following tips:

  1. Study other people’s experiences. Look at samples of model portfolios on the Internet. Examples will help you understand what your book should ideally look like.
  2. Find a professional photographer with experience and a photo studio. A good professional knows how to show the model’s strengths. An experienced photographer will help you eliminate shyness in front of the camera in a photo studio and suggest good poses.
  3. Build your model portfolio through time. Remember: a model portfolio is not made in one shoot. You’ll only get a few good shots worthy of a portfolio from a single shoot.
  4. Quality comes first. You will get a lot of photos as a result of several shoots. But only the best of them should be included in your portfolio, taken in a good light in a professional photo studio. Weak photos, added for quantity, can play against you.
  5. Black and white photos are always on trend. So don’t forget to add a few of these shots to your modeling portfolio.
  6. Don’t get carried away with photoshop. Photoshopped photos don’t show a model’s potential but only the retouching skills of a professional.
  7. Update the portfolio regularly so it’s always up to date with your latest looks. This is especially true for those whose appearance changes drastically, depending on their style.
  8. Work with a stylist. An experienced professional will tell you how best to style your hair and what to wear.
  9. Put what you think is the best shot at the end of the portfolio. In this manner, you will make a good impression

Where do you go next?

If you’re wondering what to do next, this is where we come in. Call us today for a free consultation!

You always want to hire an experienced photographer who knows how to capture not only the photos you need but the ones you want.

We will help guide you through poses and capture your best angles to create something that will leave you feeling inspired, confident, and wanting to go out a conquer the world!

Editorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfitEditorial Fashion Shot Model Portfolio Black Leather Pants black outfit

If you are still struggling to figure out what YOU want, but you know for certain that you want to get your portfolio going, then don’t wait to contact us.

One of our favorite things to do in our studio is help our clients figure out what works best for them and create a custom experience.

We guide you, help you pose, and even have an amazing hair and makeup team available that can create the final touches for your perfect look.

For Melissa’s photoshoot in our Las Vegas Photography Studio, we use our wonderful team – Las Vegas Makeup Girl

Many of our clients love working with us since one of our superpowers is hearing what our clients want!