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Sunshine and Lace: Experience A Florida Boudoir Photoshoot

Women laying on red sheet in black lingerie.

Florida Boudoir Photo Experience

Are you ready to have an empowering Florida boudoir photo session with one of the top photographers in Florida?

Come See Ella Gagiano

Ella has 20 years of experience providing uplifting and transformative photo experiences that reveal your inner confidence and the real you.

She has traveled across the world doing boudoir photography, women empowerment (strong woman), sports, fashion, and more.

Quick Note About The Meaning of the Word Boudoir

Not everyone is familiar with boudoir or what it means, so let’s define it.

Boudoir, which appeared in the late 18th century, has French roots and refers to a room, specifically a bedroom or dressing room for women.

What Is Boudoir Photography Then?

Boudoir photography is an empowering blend of fashion and glamour photography with strong sensual and romantic elements.

Keep in mind that boudoir photography is MUCH more than just taking photos in lingerie.

It’s about acknowledging your inherent beauty and courage and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Is Boudoir Photography In Demand?

Yes, it definitely is. More men and women are enjoying the boudoir experience today than ever before.

What Are Boudoir Photos Used For?

The purpose of our Florida boudoir sessions is to give you a medium through which to convey a message or discover something new about yourself.

Many of our clients come to us to convey feelings of love and tenderness for their SO or for their baby who is still on the way.

Florida boudoir makes an excellent gift for your partner or acts as a very meaningful memento that freeze-frames a big moment in your life.


There are also other reasons for doing boudoir. Self-empowerment is a huge one and is very central to what we do and care about at our studio.

Who Takes Boudoir Photos?

At present, boudoir is most popular among women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

If you’re part of this demographic and are reading this, you might be wondering if Florida boudoir is something you can or should do.

The answer is absolutely!

Many of our clients are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

In fact, women in this age range are our specialty. 🙂

Other Ideal Candidates For A Florida Boudoir Photoshoot

Professional models, brides before their wedding, married women, and those who want to experience something new are all ideal candidates for a Florida boudoir shoot.

Participating in boudoir sessions for most people requires that they get out of their comfort zone. So, if this is something you’d like to try, call us today.

Self-Expression Is Priceless

Let us clarify that a boudoir-style photoshoot is NOT about nudity. Nudity only plays a secondary role.

It’s about expressing your feelings, your story, and an important part of yourself, which is priceless.

Many of our clients find their boudoir experiences to be……transformative, inspiring, and thrilling.

Florida boudoir photography

How To Prepare For A Boudoir Session

Here are some tips that will enhance your experience with us:

1. Bring more than one outfit. Why settle with one when you can try multiple? We’re creative and flexible. Your boudoir experience is about having fun!

2. Bring your favorite lotion and pamper yourself. Our atmosphere at Ella Gagiano Studios is designed to help you relax.

3. (Optional) Shave or wax a few days before your session. Many women agree this increases their self-confidence, but it’s certainly not necessary. We encourage you to do what makes you feel bold and empowered.

4. Stay away from spray tanning. This will help with your skin tone in the photos. We can always retouch as necessary.

5. Get plenty of rest the night before. It’s amazing what a full night’s sleep can do for one’s appearance and mood, so make sure you get plenty of R&R before you come to see us.

PS Don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks with you. There is nothing like a delicious treat to lift your mood and delight the senses during your session.

The Atmosphere At Ella Gagiano Studios

Our atmosphere is warm and inviting, and our Florida boudoir sessions are relaxed and open to your lead. After all, it’s your experience!

What we do is act as professional guides to add structure to your session and use our experience to illuminate your natural, gorgeous qualities.

Rather than try to change you, we recognize that you ALREADY are a beautiful, strong, and capable woman.

We Offer A Range of Boudoir Experiences

We are able to convey all sorts of feelings and nuances in our sessions, whether you want to tell a story about your past, venerate your pregnancy, explore aspects of your personality, or try something else entirely.

We cover a broad range of concepts, so message us with your ideas on our Contact page.

To see our boudoir portfolio examples, check out our Instagram.

Where Do You Provide Boudoir Sessions?

We offer boudoir at our studio, which is located at 3175 US-1S, Saint Augustine, FL 32086.

Boudoir photo sessions can be done almost anywhere that is private, although we suggest coming to the studio and benefitting from our sets, props, lighting, and cutting-edge equipment.

The best place for a boudoir photoshoot is undoubtedly inside a professional photo studio.

The benefits of using a photo studio include:

  • Proper lighting
  • Professional sets
  • Access to thematic props that will help you enhance your photos
  • No distractions, i.e., no extra people

Bride Florida boudoir photography

How Long Do Florida Boudoir Photoshoots Take?

Florida boudoir photoshoots usually take about 3 hours, as they require preliminary work on your hair and makeup before the session begins.

Can You Tell Me More About What To Expect During A Boudoir Photoshoot?


You can expect to be treated with respect from start to finish.

From the moment you walk into our studio, we greet you warmly and help you prepare for the session by covering some photography basics.

We’ll show you around the studio, show you the dressing room, then once you’ve changed, take you to our boudoir set.

The Session

During the session, we only do what you’re comfortable with, so in this respect, it’s no different than any other photoshoot.

What sets your boudoir session apart is exploring an entirely new side to yourself and having an unforgettable experience. How much you want to explore is always determined by you.

Pre-Session Phone Call

We also want to note that before your session, we have a phone call or Zoom meeting with you to discuss the details of your session and write down what is most important to you.

That way, when you arrive, we are aligned with your wants and needs.

During our pre-session phone call, we also explain more about the boudoir experience, address scheduling concerns (if any), and expand upon our list of how to prepare for your boudoir session.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Session

Unlocking a new side of you has never been safer or easier. Call us today to schedule a time to come see us.

Florida boudoir studio

Further Reading: How To Make Your Boudoir Photography As Good As Possible

There are certain key ways to enhance your boudoir photography. Read more to learn what they are.

1. Choose The Right Boudoir Photographer

To find the right photographer, ask these questions:

-Why do I want a boudoir photoshoot?

Perhaps you want a new experience, to embody unfamiliar aspects of your personality, or to honor your femininity.

-Who do I feel comfortable taking photos with?

This is a good question to ask. At Ella Gagiano Studios, we are an all-female team, which might be exactly what you’re looking for.

During your session, you’ll be working with Ella and our lovely Studio Manager Sammy.

The Power of Portfolios

Choosing the right photographer gets a lot easier when you can look at examples of their work.

If there is one thing we recommend, it’s looking at your preferred photographer’s portfolio to see if their work resonates with you.

You can find numerous work examples from us on our website and our Instagram profile to see if we’re the right fit.

Find A Friendly and Helpful Photographer

You’ll also want to pick a photographer who is friendly, helpful, and communicative.

A good indicator of the quality of your preferred photographer is whether they answer your phone calls and respond to your texts.


How your photographer treats you before your session is how they’ll treat you during your session.

At Ella Gagiano Studios, we always treat our clients with professionalism, respect, and prompt communication! We love hearing from you, so if you have questions, feel free to text or call us anytime.

Side Note:

It’s also helpful to read what your preferred photographer writes and posts on social media. This will give you an idea of how they communicate with their clients, followers, and audience.

Photographers that are friendly, punctual, and helpful are always the right choice.

Your Photoshoot Consultation

Once you’ve found a photographer who seems right to you, your next step is to call them for a consultation.

During your preliminary conversation with them, you’ll want to discuss all the details that matter to you.

Whatever questions or concerns you have, that’s ground you’ll want to cover.

Private or Public Photos

Definitely tell your photographer whether you want your photos to be public or private.

At Ella Gagiano Studios, we always ask what your preference is. That way, your photos won’t be published anywhere without your express approval.

Picking A Time That Works Best For You

After an hour or so of taking photos, you might feel a little tired, especially if you are doing maternity boudoir and have a little one on the way.

For this reason, we advise you to pick a time for your session that works best for your internal clock—some people work better in the morning, for example.

Woman in sunset - Florida boudoir photo

2. Provide Examples To Your Photographer

During your consultation, show your photographer some example photos that inspire you. Include details such as the clothing, set, concept, makeup, and hairstyling.

You can use Instagram and Pinterest for this purpose. Both are great resources.

10 to 15 concept examples should be enough for a skilled photographer to take inspiration from and creatively expand upon to make a unique photo session for you.

Regarding your clothing during the boudoir session:

Our advice is to wear what you like and what feels comfortable.

Boudoir photos don’t just mean lingerie. They can work with a nightgown, pajamas, a robe, etc.

It’s common for women to wear clothing other than lingerie items, as not everyone feels ready to wear these in front of a camera, and not everyone needs to.

Excellent photos can be taken in a lace shirt, a beautiful robe—you name it.

Creating A Digital Mood Board (Optional)

If you’ve never thought about using a mood board, they are a helpful and convenient tool that you can use to share ideas with your photographer.

You can create a digital mood board on Pinterest.

3. Prepare For The Session In Advance

Ideally, you’ll want to prepare for a couple of weeks before your photo session and get a manicure and pedicure, wax, and keep a good sleep schedule.

Also, avoid tanning beds and spray tans if you can help it.

Loose Clothing Can Be Helpful In Some Cases

Lingerie and elastic band marks stay on the skin for some time, which can change the direction of your session.

This is why we advise you to go to your photoshoot in clothing that is loose enough not to leave marks.

Following these recommendations will help you show up looking and feeling your best on the day of your photo experience.

Makeup and Hairstyling

If you need an excellent makeup artist and hairstylist, we’ll give you our referrals.

We know the best artists in Florida who will enhance your experience, increase your confidence, and have you feeling like a Queen.

Florida boudoir sunset

4. Relax and Have Fun During Your Photo Experience

The most important thing when doing your Florida boudoir photoshoot is to enjoy yourself.

Art is fun, and intimate photoshoots are an art form that expresses your beauty, which is something to be honored and revered.

So, take this as an opportunity to let loose, have a blast, and learn more about yourself as you add to your experiences as a woman.

Achieve A New Mindset With Boudoir

In our experience, the more you acknowledge your qualities, the more your self-confidence increases.

As you grow in your confidence, this improves every area of your life, helps you develop as a person, and seize new opportunities.

Are you ready to go to the next level by trying something as exciting as a boudoir photo session?

Fantastic Florida boudoir photoshoot

5. Follow Up With Your Photographer

“How long do I have to wait for my photos?” is a good question to ask your photographer.

I advise you to discuss this with your photographer before you begin the photoshoot so that you don’t get upset and say to yourself something like, “Well, it’s September, and my summer photos are still not ready.”

Usually, photographers have deadlines of one to two months.

If you like a photographer’s work but they need an extended deadline, we suggest having them produce 2 to 3 photos quickly.

Later, the photographer can finish developing the rest of the photos.

Our Technical Concept

Teasing The Audience During Boudoir Photography

For boudoir photographs, we suggest not showing every intimate detail and instead teasing the imagination of your audience.

We will coordinate with you to add all the special elements that work to cultivate your highest self.

Making You Comfortable

One of our most important tasks is to make you comfortable. We can’t overstate how much it helps when you feel welcomed and safe.

You’ll be happy to hear that we have years of experience creating a safe, uplifting environment for our clients.

Close-ups During Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Close-ups have great power in photography and are very good at showing aspects of yourself that few others get to see.

In our experience, to make close-ups good, you want to show the real you.

Although we encourage the use of makeup, we do tend to keep it to a minimum so that the true beauty of our clients can shine through.

Boudoir Photography For Your Wall Art

We also offer wall art to those who would like to use photos from their Florida boudoir sessions as decorative pieces for their homes.

Ella and Sammy will work with you closely to create superb pieces with meaningful messages that beautify your space.

Boudoir Photography As A Wedding Gift

Boudoir photos also make the perfect intimate gift for your partner.

If you’d like to surprise your SO before, on, or after the big day, contact us.

After your Florida boudoir session, we’ll give you some gift wrapping and packaging ideas and also guide you on how to turn your session into a gorgeous handheld wedding album so that your photos will be the perfect surprise.

Florida boudoir details