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Bold IVF Newborn Photos: Dream’s Newborn Photo Session

IVF Newborn Photos, Newborn in basket with IVF Needles surrounding her

Creating IVF Newborn Photos to celebrate the little miracle in your life.

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a joyous and life changing experience, filled with love, wonder, and endless possibilities. It is an experience that comes with so much anticipation and wonder.

We have been blessed to work with so many first time moms going through IVF to conceive their little one. The journey of conceiving through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a remarkable testament to hope, perseverance, and love. It has shown us how empowering motherhood is and how deeply loved and wanted a little one is before they even arrive.

IVF Newborn Photos are like no other; they are your story, they are your child’s story. It’s a beautiful testament of the power and magnitude of everything you’ve went through to bring this little one into life.

In this blog post, we delve into the significance of IVF newborn photoshoots, celebrating the joyous arrival of these precious miracles into the world.

Scheduled your IVF Newborn Photoshoot


IVF Newborn Photos, Newborn in basket with IVF Needles surrounding her

Embracing the Journey of IVF

Your baby’s story began long before your IVF journey and long before you thought of IVF Newborn Photos. It wasn’t an impulsive decision or one that you new you even had to make. Countless tears and high emotions leading up to your decision are not easily forgotten. We’ve seen it play out not just through our clients but our own friends and family. Each story is different and becoming sadly all too common. We are grateful for what IVF can do but the leading up to it was difficult and during it was even more heartbreaks than anticipated.

The thing about all those moments that felt terrible to bear they led to this moment, the moment that you had your little one in your arms. A moment that at one point you actually felt would never happen.

And truthfully if you are reading this most likely you aren’t even at that moment yet. You are still pregnant with your little one wondering who you are about to meet and hiding a lot of fears that come with this and might still be wondering why IVF Newborn Photos are important.

If you don’t have those fears we are beyond happy for you! But to all those mommas that do, we see you and we understand.

Little Dream’s mom was terrified during her announcement session with us. She had a miscarriage previously and almost lost her own life in the process. She told us that she wanted to have these photos regardless of what would happen, she wanted to honor and remember her little girl.

The thing is we didn’t realize how big those fears were until she came back in to design her wallart for her house. She wanted the announcement photos as a testament of her belief so on those days she was afraid she could focus on her blessing. As we were designing her wallart we had recommended putting a photo of the ultra sound in the middle of the design we had created, but no matter how much we recommended it she was too afraid so we went with another photo.

This became a huge regret for her, after Dream was born she told us how much she regretted it once she saw her newborn photos up and it was often something she would mention each time we saw her. To this day with her daughter turning 4 she still wishes she had listened to our advice as it was something she wishes she hadn’t lived in fear of.

But it doesn’t matter as the moment her little girl was here she new she wanted to do something big and wanted to her daughter to grow up knowing that she was loved and wanted and they did everything to bring her into this world. That is why she told her story with IVF Newborn Photos, creating an empowering image that was a reminder that her parents fought for her everyday and that she was loved.


IVF newborn photoshoots honor the unique journey of conception:

  • Symbol of Triumph: Each newborn represents the triumph of hope and determination in the face of fertility challenges.
  • Celebrating Life: Embrace the miracle of life and the courage of parents who navigate the IVF journey.
  • Testament of Love: A cherished reminder of everything you’ve done for your little one and how loved they are.


Commemorating a Milestone

What is it that you want your baby to grow up knowing? How do you want to honor the journey you went through?

These are all the big questions we want to ask and want to understand. When your little one arrives it feels like time is so slow and yet it is so fast. They only stay so small for such a short period of time that by time our clients see their newborn photos they can’t even remember their baby being that small.

A newborn session should take place within the first 2 weeks of being born. This is the perfect time for when they are still sleepy and keep the newborn poses easily. You’d be surprised how hard a newborn can kick around after 2 weeks. (Which is absolutely adorable, and impressive, but makes getting those perfectly cute photos that much harder)

We know for our new parents how tough those two weeks can be and can feel a little overwhelming, but that is where we are here to take care of you. During your session we have hair and makeup for moms who want to be in the photo so you don’t have to worry about a thing and we have a private studio where we have everything set up to keep the little one as comfy as possible.

We have the newborn wraps, white noise maker, and a space heater to keep it as easy for our parents as possible.

The best part of it is you will be working with an experienced team whose been doing this for over a decade. Our priority is giving our clients an amazing experience so they can be in the moment and enjoy their little blessing with the least amount of stress as possible. Many of our parents want to hire our studio manager as their nanny as she is known as the baby whisper, it is honestly, the best compliment we can receive ❤️

By allowing us to take care of you you are able to walk away with beautiful timeless photos of your baby. These are the photos you will look at on those long sleepless nights remembering all the blessings you have. These are the photos you will post with pride knowing the accomplishment and the strength you had on your journey and the joy it feels to have your little one here as all the worry washes away. Your IVF Newborn photos will be the story your baby grows up hearing and understanding. However you choose to tell the story they will see the love they were surround by.

Nurturing Love and Connection

IVF newborn photos emphasize the bond between parents and baby. Every needle, every pill bottle, that surrounds Dream in her little basket is a part of her story and each a moment in time her parents wished for her and prayed for her. There was no room for error. Everyday a choice was made to say I want you in this world and I thought of you before you existed.

This is a bond that is unshakeable.

  • Emotional Connection: Document tender moments that reflect the depth of parental love and affection.
  • Shared Journey: Showcase the unity and strength of families who overcome fertility challenges.

Honoring Fertility Warriors

While a newborn session is meant to highlight your little blessing and capture the beautiful moments of the tiny hands, and cute face and all the things you fall in love with as you hold your baby at night it is also a moment to recognize the strength and resilience of fertility warriors.

It’s an underlying truth of the love you have for your baby. Everything you’ve endured leading up to this moment from the physical and mental side has been one that we can’t even imagine. As woman we know of our own struggles with fertility and having a baby, but each story is unique and we can’t speak of what you’ve gone through, the highs and the lows, all we know is you are beyond excited for your little one and the blessing you are about to receive.

Your IVF Newborn Photos Should:

  • Empowerment: Reflect on the courage and determination required to pursue IVF treatment.
  • Inspiring Stories: Share stories of hope and encouragement for others on similar paths.


Sensitivity and Empathy

We know that every story is different that is why we want you to share yours with us before you book your session. This is a moment that should be honored and it begins with understanding. During your initial conversation we want to know what is important to you and from there we will create a session that you will fall in love with.

We understand that this is a vulnerable conversation to have but trust that we are here to listen openly so you will have an amazing experience and IVF newborn photos that you will fall in love with over and over again.

  • Respectful Approach: Understand the emotional complexity and sensitivity of the IVF journey.
  • Inclusive Representation: Ensure inclusivity and diversity in representing different paths to parenthood.
  • Diverse Stories: Embrace the diversity of family structures and fertility experiences.
  • Community Support: Foster a supportive community that uplifts and encourages IVF families.


Documenting Miracles

A Miracle is understatement, there are no words that can encapsulate the joy, love, and blessing that comes from your baby, but as they say a photo is worth a thousand words. What do you want your photos to say?

Each photograph captures not only the innocence of a newborn but also the profound journey of hope and determination that brought them into the world. Through thoughtful and sensitive photography, we honor the strength of IVF families and inspire others with stories of triumph and joy. Let IVF newborn photos be a testament to the power of love and the beauty of new beginnings, preserving the legacy of courage and resilience for generations to come.

Beauty of Pregnancy: Why a Maternity Photoshoot is Important

Pregnancy is a profound and transformative journey—a time filled with anticipation, joy, and boundless love as new life grows within. A maternity photoshoot offers expectant mothers an opportunity to capture the beauty and magic of this fleeting moment in time, preserving cherished memories that speak to the emotional depth and significance of pregnancy.

We believe that pregnancy is a beautiful rarity that you can never get back. It’s something we have learned through the years working with so many amazing mothers and getting to know how they feel about their expecting little one. It doesn’t matter if it is their third or fourth child, because this is the one moment they have with this child that they want to embrace and remember.


Maternity photography 5 maternity photoshoot

The Passage of Time: Embracing the Fleeting Moments of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a season that passes all too quickly—a fleeting moment in time that is both the most joyous occasion and bittersweet.

We know our mommas go through so much during their pregnancy and it isn’t always picture perfect. You are growing a whole person inside of you and that comes with so much from morning sickness, mood swings, changes in your body that isn’t always beautiful. It’s one of those things that in the moment you can easily get caught up in the bad that you wish it were over with, but miss all the beautiful moments that you fell in love with. From day one their is a connection that only you and your little one will share. Your baby is growing in tune of your heartbeat, moving to your laughs, and their entire world is you.

A maternity photoshoot is more than celebrating the start of your baby’s life it’s about honoring you as a woman. Allowing yourself to see how beautiful you are. A beauty that radiates more than just physically but emotionally and spiritually.

You should be honored and reminded of everything you are and capable of doing. Motherhood is a lot, but it is beautiful and it is everything.

Celebrating the Present

In the whirlwind of pregnancy, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the present moment. There is so much planning to be done and life that is happening around you that it’s hard to sit in the moment and enjoy the miracle that is happening inside of you. Your maternity photoshoot is a way for you to be present and connect in this moment in a way like no other. Where you can pause, reflect, and celebrate the beauty of your pregnancy and the little one growing inside of you.

Honoring the Emotional Depth of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of unparalleled emotional depth—a rollercoaster of emotions that encompasses joy, anticipation, vulnerability, and love (all the hormones going on are not helping with this rollercoaster either) A maternity photoshoot provides expectant mothers with a creative outlet for expressing and honoring their emotions and showcasing the unconditional love they’ve had for their little one since day one.

Creating Lasting Memories of Love and Connection

At its core, pregnancy is a celebration of love and connection—a time of deepening bonds and profound emotional intimacy between expectant mothers, their partners, and their families. This is an exciting time for everyone who will be a part of this little ones life bringing together the whole family in the knowledge that there is another life to love and be part of their family. Maternity photoshoots while honoring the mother is also about honoring all that is a part of this beautiful miracle. The connection with your partner growing ever deeper. The little ones who are already around excited for whats about to come.

It’s a beautiful moment that will be told as they get older and a maternity photoshoot offers a tangible way to capture and preserve the love, connection, and emotional intimacy that define the pregnancy journey. This is where your little one will get to grow up seeing the love you had for them, seeing the joy on their parents face, and understanding that they were loved before they were even born.

Couple maternity photo 2 maternity photoshoot


Cherishing Every Moment – How does a Maternity Photoshoot Work?

A maternity photoshoot with Ella Gagiano Studios is a beautiful celebration of you and your little one. We want you to see everything we see in you and everything that your partner loves in you.

It’s a hard time for expecting mothers the closer they get to their due date, there are those who are blessed with easy pregnancies, but those momma’s who are struggling to feel beautiful know that this is for you too! We want to make sure you walk away seeing that radiant glow that everyone else talks about and sees in you.

From day one we want to understand what you cherish about your pregnancy and what you are excited to remember during this time. There are no wrong answers here, we’ve heard it all! Some of our mom’s feel so emotional at this time and want to remember the connection they have with their little one, others are wanting to celebrate the joy of their families growing, and even some just want to feel beautiful.

As woman we understand that we are so busy doing and taking care of everyone else that it’s hard for us to fill our cup even in moments as beautiful as this it can be difficult to step back and see the beauty that you are right now.

Providing exceptional service with hair and makeup

Our studio provides hair and makeup for your maternity photoshoot as well as the option to use any of the maternity dresses we have in studio. The goal is for you to see yourself as a work of art, a story that is unfolding, and a moment you will want to cherish forever.

We know that the little things add up in a big way, so we want you to come in and sit back and relax and live in the moment. This is your story and we are here to tell it. ❤️


Honoring Your Pregnancy: The Impact of Heirloom Photos

Seeing is believing. It is the ultimate gift to not only yourself but to your family. There are not enough words to put into motion the blessing your pregnancy has brought and will continue to bring to you.

Imagine every day being reminded of how loved you are, growing up knowing you were wanted, and that you are a blessing.

That is the beautiful gift that you are giving to your child when you invest in wallart and a maternity album.

Allow yourself to feel the blessing of motherhood on those late nights when little one is here and you are tired beyond belief. Let these remind you of how excited you were for moments like these. Step back into the moment and remember what it was like to be present and enjoy what was around you, so you to can remember to look at this moment as a blessing that too shall pass and you will one day miss.

Let these beautiful custom keepsake reminders do more than words can ever do.

maternity photoshoot, blessing of pregnancy

Embracing Elegance: Your Journey through the best Glamour Photoshoot Experience

Florida boudoir studio, glamour photoshoot

Your glamour photoshoot experience is more than being pampered with hair and makeup and dressing up in stunning dresses. It’s an empowering session where we focus on you. You are the strong woman whose given herself to everyone and everything she has ever done. You’ve been an amazing mom, a loving daughter, a boss babe, and everything in between but the one thing you have’t done is celebrated all your accomplishments and successes. A glamour photoshoot is everything you need and more. Now is the time to fill your cup and celebrate you.

Strong woman in transparent dress on red sofa, glamour photoshoot


Welcome to Ella Gagiano Studios where we focus on showing you how beautiful and amazing you really are. Where elegance meets empowerment, and sophistication intertwines with self-assurance. If you’ve ever dreamt of stepping into your own spotlight, capturing the essence of your beauty in a celebration of empowerment, then a glamour photoshoot is your invitation to shine.

Every Glamour Photoshoot is different from one client to the next but all sessions focus on creating an empowering session where our clients will walk away feeling on cloud 9 where all their insecurities and self doubt is melted and all they focus on is how truly wonderful they really are.


Glamour Photoshoot woman on gold victorian couch with blue dress

Illuminating Your Inner Glow

Glamour photography isn’t just about capturing external beauty; it’s about revealing the inner radiance that shines from within. It’s a celebration of self-confidence, strength, and empowerment, where every image tells a story of resilience and grace. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, embracing your unique identity, or simply reveling in the joy of self-expression, a glamour photoshoot is a the perfect way to finally see yourself the way others do and the way you should.

As woman we are so critical of ourselves. It’s what makes us so amazing because we strive to constantly do better, but we never give ourselves the grace and love we give everyone around us. You cannot see yourself when you are happy or proud. You only look in the mirror to see flaws. And you’ve been around yourself for so long you forget how special you are.

It is hard to step back and really see yourself the way the people who love you do, but with a glamour photoshoot we aim to focus on what makes you beautiful inside and out so you can finally see that is absolutely ok for you to step out of your comfortzone and shine the way you were meant to.

glamour photoshoot of woman in red dress, strong woman photoshoot

Preparing for Your Empowering Glamour Photoshoot Experience

As you prepare for your glamour photoshoot, take a moment to remember you are more than you give yourself credit for, that everything you’ve done in life has led you to where you are. That all lows have led to the highs and we are here to celebrate you. It’s difficult to look at ourselves objectively, but that is why our team is here for you to understand what makes you you and how we can turn that into a beautiful empowering session where you finally see the amazing woman you are.

Your Glamour Photoshoot is meant to showcase you. The you that you want to be, the version of you that you hide away from, and the you that we suspect is already radiating when you aren’t caught up in all your self doubts. This is the you that has her cup filled and running over. The you that you know you can be and are when you give all of yourself.

Leading up to your photoshoot we want to talk about what you love about yourself, what you want out of this experience, and ultimately we want to understand why this is so important.

We know that these are not every day conversations, but this is not an every day kind of photoshoot either. This is an empowering glamour photoshoot and our calls are there to help guide you through preparing for your own session and help you feel empowered and ready to embrace the transformative experience that awaits.

Begin by envisioning the message you want to convey through your photoshoot. Whether it’s confidence, strength, elegance, or all of the above, let what you feel what you need, what you desire and what you want to showcase from yourself and your accomplishments guide you.

Glamour Photoshoot with woman in beautiful pink ballgown and horse in a field

Creating the Vision: Planning your Outfits

By embracing your uniqueness, celebrating your individuality, and allowing yourself to step out and own your confidence will make outfit choices so much easier for your glamour photoshoot.

In this day in age sometimes we can get so caught up in what others think, but your photoshoot is all about you.

This is where your personality shines and where we want you to have fun with it.

Choose wardrobe pieces that make you feel powerful and confident, whether that means a suit, a flowing gown, sexy dress, or something completely unexpected. We have seen it all and love helping our clients bring out their best sides, so if you struggle to know exactly what you want, don’t worry. Schedule your consultation with us and we are here to guide you through your entire experience and creating looks specifically designed to make your glamour photoshoot stand out.

When selecting a location for your photoshoot, we are open to both in studio and out of studio. Both options include hair and makeup as well as the ability to do multiple looks. When it comes to choosing the perfect location if you have something in mind already let us know, but ultimately we believe location is the backdrop to you so don’t put too much stress on feeling like you need the answers before we speak. It will ultimately be secondary to your experience. We find that getting to know you and what you want out of this helps us make the best recommendation.

Finally, take time to pamper yourself in the days leading up to your shoot. You should be feeling absolutely excited and ready to have fun and relax during your session. If that means spa day or getting your nails done or something in between. The whole goal is for you to see how amazing you are when you get to take care of you ❤️

Glamour Photoshoot, woman in sexy black dress

Embracing Your Strength: Posing with Confidence

In glamour photography, posing is a powerful tool for self-expression and empowerment and it is also the one thing that makes our clients the most nervous.

We understand how being in the front of the camera can feel. We totally feel awkward in front of the camera too. But that is why we focus so much on guiding our clients through their session. Not only showing you how to pose, but making you feel comfortable so each pose feels authentic to your energy and what you want from facial expressions, to where to place your hands. Ella is known for not only telling you what to do but showing you how to do it when the poses are a little bit more difficult.

Glamour Photography is about embodying confidence, strength, and grace in every movement, allowing your inner beauty to shine through with each pose. When you leave you will see how connected to your body you will feel and how that gives you the confidence to stand tall. These poses will leave you feeling powerful allowing you to embrace your inner strength and celebrate your unique beauty.

As you pose for the camera during your session know that sometimes the poses feel awkward or a bit silly, but in that you will see that when you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and not worry about what others think you are able to shine your best.

Remember that the whole point of a glamour photoshoot is to show you all the parts of yourself you do not see. That your idea of perfect might be unattainable because you spend too much time focusing on what you see as flaws. Think about the people you wish you could be like, imagine if you looked at them the same way you looked at yourself, when given time to focus on what is wrong that is all we ever end up seeing. We want you to see the real you, the beautiful you. The one that shines when she is having fun, feeling sexy, and being confident. Let your Glamour Photoshoot change the way you see yourself.

Be ready to embrace your imperfections, celebrate your uniqueness, and allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of the lens. It’s in those raw moments that your true beauty shines brightest and you get to fall in love with yourself.

Empowering Strong Woman Photoshoot, glamour photoshoot

Capturing Empowerment in Every Frame

On the day of your photoshoot we know the excitement and nerves build to an all time high. It feels like you are a five year old and it’s the day before Christmas, or for all you thrill seekers, like going on a roller coaster for the first time! It is so exciting and you cannot wait but unsure of what to expect.

We want you to feel totally pampered and taken care of during your session. We know what it’s like as women. We are always taking care of everyone around us that we have so little time to relax and take care of ourselves. So we’ve created our entire glamour photoshoot experience for you to feel like a VIP.

On the day of you will arrive with your outfits and from there you will sit back, relax, and have fun. It will leave you feeling like a total star by the end of the day.

From the moment you arrive at the studio, you’ll be surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals ready to help you feel empowered and uplifted.

First, you’ll meet with your hair and makeup artist where she will create the perfect look and style based on everything we discussed prior to your session. Don’t worry if you know nothing about hair or makeup, during our initial consultation we will have walked you through the entire process. So if all you have is the general vibe of what you want or a specific inspo photo our team will create something you will absolutely love! Our artist can do anything you desire from full on glam, to sexy goddess, creative magic to a soft natural look. Whatever it is they’ll work their magic to enhance your features and bring out your inner radiance.

Next, it’s time to step in front of the camera and let the fun begin. Ella will guide you through the process. We pride ourselves on creating a custom experience tailored just to you- where you are the star of your glamour photoshoot. That means she will set up every scene and every lighting to bring out the best in you and to create a look you will love, after all a glamour session is all about letting you shine.

We know how easy it is to get nervous in front of the camera but trust what others had to say about their session with Ella Gagiano Studios. She is there offering support and encouragement every step of the way. Allow you to be fully present in the moment, embracing the power and beauty that resides within you.


review for glamour photoshoot

As the photoshoot comes to a close and you are heading out the door know that you will have already felt like a completely different woman and we want you to prepare to step into your power and embrace the transformative experience that a glamour photoshoot with Ella Gagiano Studios will create.

“I came OUT feeling literally like a different person mentally. I honestly see my body in a whole new light. I love this body I have and appreciate all it can do.
My self confidence and esteem is just over the top.
I feel myself smiling so much more!

You’re thinking, ‘over a photo shoot’?
YES, over a photo shoot. And I hadn’t even seen the pictures.
Ella makes you feel like one in 100 million. Like you’re the only thing that matters! She’s sweet, funny, patient and so very kind.” – Allison



The Empowerment of a Glamour Photoshoot Unveiled

After your photoshoot we will edit your photos perfectly and have you come back in for the final reveal. This is the most exciting part of all and our absolute favorite. There are no words to describe what this experience is like and how transformative it is for our clients.

No matter how much we prepare you for your glamour photoshoot nothing can truly calm your nervousness until you sit down and see your photos first hand.

During you reveal we will play a slideshow where you get to enjoy the final outcome of everything you’ve been building up to. No thinking or trying to remember your favorite photos, we want you to just sit back and allow yourself to be inspired by the strength and beauty that radiates from each photo.

Right now you might be thinking if this is truly as empowering as we’ve stated, it’s okay, no one believes us when they first inquire, but all we can say is if you end up crying during your reveal it’s ok as we completely expect it. ❤️

Whether you choose to display them in a stunning album, frame them for your walls, or share them with loved ones on social media, the images from your photoshoot serve as a powerful reminder of the empowerment you possess so we want this to be more than one moment for you, we want this to inspire you every day.  We will guide you through your selection process and help design custom luxury to honor and celebrate your journey with us.

Once you receive your photos take time to reflect on the experience, celebrate your strength, embrace your uniqueness, and honor the beauty that resides within you. These will be daily reminders of how beautiful and amazing you really are. For every moment you have self doubt, or feeling like you aren’t enough, take a moment to look at your photos and see who you really are.

You are an amazing woman and we have seen first hand that a glamour photoshoot is more than just capturing beautiful images – it’s about embracing your strength, celebrating your uniqueness, and honoring the beauty that resides within you. By stepping into your power and allowing yourself to shine, you’ll create memories that will inspire and empower you for years to come. So go ahead, embrace your radiance, celebrate your strength, and let the magic of glamour photography transform your dreams into reality.



What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session


What Does Boudoir Mean?

Boudoir in French means a woman’s bedroom or a dressing room.

Boudoir photo sessions, meanwhile, are about expressing yourself in a bold, new way. They encompass a much broader subject.

Doing boudoir is a big step that many women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are embracing.

The focus of boudoir photos is not nudity but self-expression. Our goal is to help you show your strength and confidence so that you remember who you are.

At Ella Gagiano Studios, our mission is to empower you.

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session

About Our Boudoir Photo Experiences

Ella’s boudoir photo experiences combine the main features of glamour, portrait, and art photography.

We do much more than simply help you find the right pose; we create moments that cause you to fall in love with yourself all over again.

Our expert use of lighting and setting is there to accentuate your beautiful features.

What Are Boudoir Photos Used For?

Self-expression is our #1 priority. Every woman wants to feel strong, bold, and beautiful.

The truth is, you are these things and much more.

That makes our job clear. We are here to show your inherent qualities to the world.

Beyond this, your boudoir experience could be the perfect gift for your partner, or you could use it as a memento of a very important time in your life.

How Long Does A Boudoir Photo Session Take?

Your average boudoir photo session will last 1-3 hours, depending on what studio you work with and the experience of the photographer.

If you work with us, we never try to rush you through your session and create different time slots for different needs.

Do You Offer Pregnant Boudoir Photo Sessions?

We certainly do!

Our maternity boudoir sessions focus on showing off your pregnancy glow and spotlighting that special WOW factor.

We also use these experiences to help you express your vulnerability and tell a story about your journey of motherhood, your emotions, and even the challenges you’ve faced along the way.

Vulnerability and Self-Expression

Maternity photos are a big step, but they are so worth it.

So many of our clients feel a sense of being understood, especially once they are able to express their journey in such a meaningful way.

To learn more about how we handle your maternity session, visit our Contact page.

The Best Time for A Pregnancy Boudoir Session

The best time is around the 7th month.

Of course, this is all very individual and depends on how your pregnancy is progressing.

Sometimes mothers who are this far along suffer from shortness of breath, lower back pain, and other concerns.

If you’re inspired to do a maternity session with us, keep us updated about how you feel so that we can gauge the exact best time to take your photos.

Maternity photography nude 9

What To Wear During Your Boudoir Photo Session

Popular clothing items for your boudoir session are as follows:

  • Light lace lingerie
  • Light dressing gown (négligée)
  • A see-through bride’s dress
  • Maternity boudoir dress
  • White t-shirt
  • An oversized sweater
  • Something stunning – Your favorite jeans, seductive shorts, a miniskirt, or underwear
  • Something masculine – Your favorite sweater, tie, sports equipment, or uniform
  • Wedding items – Jewelry, garter, and/or wedding veil
  • Fantasy items – Mermaid costume, secretary, nurse, etc.
  • Additional items –  Shoes, panties, or stockings

Cute Boudoir Accessories

Some of our favorite boudoir accessory add-ons include bracelets, earrings, faux furs, and laurels.

Of course, accessories are just the icing on the cake. The real focus is on you and your natural beauty.

What About Shoes?

We suggest wearing stilettos.

Got Other Ideas For Your Boudoir Outfit?

We’d love to hear your ideas for boudoir outfits!

If you want to wear something not listed above or go fully nude, these are certainly viable options. Send us a message and tell us your thoughts.

We can also supply props of different kinds. Just add some details about the props you’d like to use.

Poses During Your Boudoir Photo Session

There are plenty of rules when it comes to striking the right pose, but we don’t want to bog you down with a million extraneous details.

The biggest thing you want to remember is to relax and be creative while we give you pointers during your experience to maximize your artistic expression.

The job of a master photographer is to help you show off your intriguing and irresistible side, which sometimes means experimenting with different poses that your partner will absolutely adore.

Using Props During A Boudoir Photoshoot

You only need a few props for boudoir photography.

In fact, the fewer items you have in the frame, the better the result since many props detract from the subject.

To enhance your image, you only need a few basic things, such as a chair, couch, sheets, a veil, a tasteful rug, and curtains.

Other objects like wine glasses and books also work well when appropriate.

We always choose props that fit your personality.

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session

Some Specific Poses For Your Boudoir Photo Session

Although we stand by what we said (we don’t want to bog you down with too many technical details on this post), here are some tips you may find helpful when searching for the right pose.

Body Position

When lying down, try turning your head to one side and either lifting your arms to your sides or raising an arm above your head to embody a feeling of openness and vulnerability.

For standing shots, try bending one knee slightly forward and cupping your breast nearest to the camera in a position of strength and empowerment.

Bending your leg forward is a power pose that represents confidence and helps create an elegant angle for your leg.

Other poses include but are not limited to:

  • The tease. This is where you lie on your stomach with your back slightly arched and your hips elevated.
  • The inverted poise. This is where your body is turned away from the camera while you look over your shoulder.

To learn more about the poses we suggest, call us anytime and ask for details!

About Ella Gagiano Studios

Our passion at Ella Gagiano Studios is celebrating your best moments and bringing them to life with an exceptional level of quality.

Our goal is to bring your photos to life and help you present your best self.

Personalized Experiences

We offer a range of different photography styles and excel at creating bold, sensual, and elegant experiences personally tailored to you.

Our clients tell us frequently how empowered and thrilled they are to be able to branch out on a limb and try something so exciting.

However, before you decide to work with us, it is important to know some basics about who we are and what to expect during your session. This is the purpose of this post. We hope you’ve found it helpful.


Our studio was started by Ella Gagiano, who doubles as the photographer and owner. Nothing runs, however, without the help of our amazing Studio Manager Sammy.

Together, we operate a high-level studio that specializes in client experience, dramatic storytelling, and flash photography.

Now that you’re here, the next step is to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with Sammy to see if we are the right fit for you.

Florida Location

We’ve recently moved from Las Vegas, where we operated for 10 years, to Florida.

If you have any questions and want to learn more about what we offer, especially as it pertains to your boudoir photo session, contact us today at 702-340-5505 or email us at

PS We have substantial experience traveling to various countries and doing photo shoots for destination weddings. Inquire for details.

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session

Further Reading: Boudoir Photography FAQs

1. Can You Tell Me More About Why People Take Boudoir Photos?

Boudoir sessions are empowering and reveal your strength, creativity, and self-confidence.

A big motivation is to express what you’re feeling during an important time in your life, such as before you get married, during pregnancy, or after a career change.

Boudoir photos are revealing, vulnerable, and brave. They are a learning experience for women who have never tried to show skin on camera before.

2. Can You Tell Me More About The Atmosphere At Your Studio?

Absolutely! We are very friendly and inviting and work hard to make you feel comfortable!

To get the most from your experience, confidence is key, which is why we encourage you and guide you through the correct poses every step of the way.

Fun and Playful Environment

Our photo sessions are designed to be fun and playful so that we can help bring out your genuine self.

There are many reasons why people take boudoir photos. Sometimes it’s just about trying something new and being experimental.

We certainly encourage you to call us if you have questions about boudoir photography, what it entails, our prices, scheduling, and more.

One Final Note On Our Atmosphere – Going With The Flow

Our boudoir sessions are relaxed and flexible.

Although we certainly follow a defined structure, we don’t have a rigid one. Our sessions are more about synching with your rhythm and vibe.

You might consider turning on some music or even drinking champagne to help you relax.

You can also rehearse your poses in advance with us to give you more confidence. Nothing is rushed.

We like to think of boudoir photography as a type of artistry. After all, boudoir photos are a celebration of human expression.

3. Will My Boudoir Photo Session Really Last 3 Hours?

Our photoshoots usually take around 2 hours, partly because we spend time doing your hair and makeup.

We also take some time to set up any props you may want, arrange accessories, clarify what kind of poses you are comfortable with, and go over other details.

4. Should I Get My Nails Done For A Boudoir Shoot?

It certainly can’t hurt!

While boudoir photography focuses mainly on your physique and your lingerie, every detail you can add to express yourself will only enhance your photos.

5. Should I Wax Before Boudoir?

You certainly can. You’ll just want to make sure you don’t wax three to four days before your session.

The reason why is that waxing your hair can agitate your skin and cause it to become bumpy and red.

You’ll want to wax or shave far enough ahead of time so that your skin will have its regular appearance during your experience!

6. Do You Wear Shoes To A Boudoir Photo Session?

You can, but it’s not necessary.

If you’d like to wear shoes, stylish heels are a good option, and we can certainly recommend some brands and styles that work great for boudoir.

Going barefoot or wearing socks are also perfectly viable options.

7. How Many Outfits Do I Need For Boudoir Photos?

Your number of outfits depends on how many photos you want and what range of concepts you’d like to explore.

Our photo shoots can accommodate more than one look if you’d like to schedule a longer session.

Generally, one look will take us half an hour to photograph, after which you can change if you’d like to explore something else.

8. What Should I Eat Before Doing Boudoir?

Our recommendation is to bring healthy snacks that give you energy and aren’t too heavy on the stomach.

You will also want to avoid anything that’s sticky.

Good choices for snacks include mixed nuts, an apple, bananas, and crackers.

9. What Should You Not Do Before A Photoshoot?

The main things you’ll want to avoid are:

Spray tanning, staying up all night and coming to the session tired, eating messy food during your experience, and waxing or shaving too soon before you show up.

10. Who Will Be Taking My Photos?

Yours truly, Ella Gagiano.

There is also a good chance you’ll see Sammy too, so you’re most likely going to be interacting with more than one person during your session.

11. Do You Retouch My Boudoir Photos?

This is a fair question.

Retouches can alter your photo greatly, depending of course on how much you decide to change.

Light retouches are usually preferred since we want to make the most of your natural look. But how much we retouch your photos is ultimately up to you.

Call us, and we can have a conversation about this.

12. Can A Friend Come To My Boudoir Photo Session?

If you feel comfortable, then they certainly can. Just remember, boudoir photo shoots are an intimate experience.

So, if you think you’ll be nervous having other people watch you taking intimate photos, you’ll want to come alone.

As for your significant other, there is a greater chance that you’ll feel comfortable with having them around than having a friend.


You might be taking boudoir photos as a surprise gift for your SO, in which case you would still want to come to the session alone.

13 Should My Partner Come To My Boudoir Photo Session?

They are more than welcome to come! It’s up to you.

14. Do You Take Photos The Same Way For Everyone?

No, we work hard to add variety and spice to all our client photos.

While we certainly follow certain rules and best industry practices, we don’t do things the exact same way for all our clients….Unless our clients want us to copy the style of our past work.

15. Why Wouldn’t A Man Take Boudoir Photos?

Apparently, this question is going around.

The truth is that men, in fact, do take boudoir photos, especially when it comes to couple’s boudoir.

Many poses suitable for women, however, need to be altered for men.

As such, male boudoir photography is unique and comes with its own challenges.

Are you curious to know how to do a male boudoir photo shoot correctly?

If so, our main tips are (1) figure out why you want to take masculine boudoir photos.

Maybe you want to show off your new physique after achieving a fitness goal. Or maybe you want to express your desire and passion for your lucky lady or man.

(2) Visualize your preferred look. Men who are new to boudoir might not be familiar with baring their skin on camera, so work with your photographer to figure out what kind of clothes make you feel comfortable wearing or not wearing.

You can wear an unbuttoned shirt or tank top with jeans. You can also get creative with your attire – wrap yourself in a towel or a sheet or wear a kitchen apron.

By the way, remember the outfits you often see in men’s calendars!

If you dress up as a fireman or police officer, it can make for a very interesting experience. Roleplay is valid and a form of expression.

The Future of Men’s Boudoir Photography

Men’s boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular.

We anticipate it will continue to spread as more men try it out!

16. How Do I Find the Right Boudoir Photographer?

The main thing is to do your “homework” before you hire someone for boudoir photos.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your preferred photographer and trust them completely, given the nature of boudoir.


The Gift that keeps on Giving – Christmas Boudoir Present

Christmas Boudoir Present, woman in white sheets with red lipstick

There is no better gift than doing a boudoir session.

We said it and we mean it. The foundation of who we are and how we are in our relationships stem from how we feel about ourselves. If you are wanting to gift a Christmas boudoir present to your partner so they can do a session or if you are wanting to do the session and then gift the results as a Christmas present there is a few things you should be prepared for.


Christmas Boudoir Present, woman in white sheets with red lipstick

When you do your session you are going to walk away feeling on top of the world. You have yet to even see your photos and you are already on cloud 9. It is going to effect the way you carry yourself, the way you see the world, and how happier you feel everyday.

When you get home it’s like you’ve got a little secret just for you, that honestly you are probably going to be dying to share with your husband! We find our clients struggle to keep the secret as they are beyond happy and feel so beautiful afterwards. They find themselves connecting with their partner more in ways they did not realize were missing. One of the things we hear often is our clients don’t feel desired, they are worried about how they look, they either don’t have time to take care of themselves because they are taking care of everyone else or they find themselves hiding away due to their insecurities. Whatever their reason they always tell us their husbands love them and always tell them they are beautiful but they just do not believe it.

Can you imagine how frustrating it can be to love someone and you find yourself arguing with them and trying to prove to them over and over that they are gorgeous? And how frustrating it can be when they feel like they don’t get all of you because you cover up and hide yourself in moments you should feel free and confident or even worse you hold yourself back from experiences in life you would love out of fear of not being good enough?

And as women we know how it feels first hand when our partners do not understand why we feel the way we do and wish we could just magically feel awesome about ourselves but it doesn’t matter what they say because we still see our flaws and have no clue what to do. (And trust us we have tried a lot of things!)

So, we get it. Which is why we focus on creating a boudoir session that highlights who you are and what makes you beautiful. We want you to see yourself from the eyes of those who love you. No longer be the person who looks in the mirror filled with criticism and searching for flaws and imperfections. Be the person who remembers a mirror does not show you at your happiest, or when you are excited, on cloud 9, living your best life. They do not show us the life and energy we exude, but a photoshoot can when you are with people who allow you to be you, who show you how beautiful you are.

boudoir christmas present, woman in red lingerie on red backdrop


The best gift you can give and receive is yourself and we are here to make that a reality, not just during the photoshoot, but for years to come.

We want you to remember that often times the only time you look at yourself is to criticize and when you change your perspective you will change your life.

How do I make this happen?

Call our studio and we will talk about what you are nervous about, what you are excited about and ultimately what you need. What makes you feel beautiful, and when was the last time you felt that way? What does your husband love about you, not just your physical looks, but who you are as a person. When do those moments usually happen. These are the moments that you are you, and you are the amazing woman that is loved. Now we get to plan a session custom to you to make these moments come out and to be showcased.

During your session we will absolutely take care of you. From hair and makeup to posing, you only need to show up and be ready to have fun. The session is the easiest part of your entire experience. We cannot speak for our clients, but the one thing we hear over and over is how comfortable they felt, how Ella made them feel beautiful and how much fun they had. It’s something that all we can say is you need to experience first hand to truly understand what it can do for you.

Boudoir photoshoot, florida boudoir photographer

After your session we will edit your photos and have you come back in to design the ultimate Christmas Boudoir Present. What does that mean exactly?

Creating the Perfect Christmas Boudoir Present

The first thought boudoir brings up is looking beautiful and having your man’s jaw drop when he sees these photos right? And the second thought is holy crap that is me and I NEED to see myself looking that good all the time. (it’s okay to say that, we support your ego 110%)

So how in the world do you make that happen??


Think Terry Crews in White Chicks.

If you have yet to see it, please go check it out, if you don’t know the reference just imagine a portrait of Terry Crews lying down with nothing but a fur blanket hanging on his mantle. This is the kind of desire we want you to have for yourself. We are here to support your confidence in wanting to see yourself look that beautiful every day.

If you are ready for this kind of wow factor and confidence boost we will design custom luxury wallart just for you. It helps if you take a photo of the place in your home you imagine placing your wallart in. The place in your home that you want to be reminded of how desirable, beautiful, and confident you are.

If you are unsure of the where, think when is it the hardest for you to believe in yourself, when do you need to be reminded of how beautiful you truly are? Is it first thing in the morning when you are getting ready and want to start your day feeling empowered? Or is it best at night when you come home from a long day and want to remember what is looks like to feel free and have fun? Or better yet, when do you want your husband to walk in and be reminded of how beautiful his wife his and how lucky he is to have you in his life?

The where is up to you, but the impact it has will be long lasting. We will customize the perfect piece for the location of your choice as a daily reminder that you are enough, you are amazing, and you shouldn’t let anything hold you back!


This is where discretion and enjoyment go hand in hand. We would absolutely love for every single of one of our clients to walk out of our studio with wallart of all their favorite phots, but we know that is not possible, especially because our clients love all their photos and that is just not realistically possible to hang up 60+ photos.

Our albums are the perfect solution to enjoying all your photos in a way that still makes an impact everyday on how you feel about yourself. We have different options based on our clients own aesthetics that fit perfectly with anyone who likes the more traditional route, or who wants to keep it modern, we also have the a luxury line that will guarantee a statement for those who need to be bold and stand out.


We do not forget about digitals here, we know that having a daily reminder is a must but you also want to be able to show off your photos to your friends and send a teasing text every now and then to your man when he isn’t near you. For those who wants to be a little extra we also offer the option of your very own mobile app. What ever your needs are we are here to help create it.

Whatever it is you want we are here to help create the perfect Christmas Boudoir Present designed for just you!

While these are the three of our most popular options you are not limited by what this blog states, we ultimately recommend giving us a call and we can go over all the details of what will fit perfectly for you to create a gift that will wow. We are here to help you! Also for any of the guys who are wanting to gift this, you have it so much easier, we offer gift certificates to allow for her to come in and have an amazing time and decide on what she loves and what she wants to create so there is still a surprise for you at the end.

boudoir photoshoot of woman in black lingerie with grey angel wings

What makes a boudoir session the perfect present?

That is the million dollar question right there. We see and speak with hundreds of women every year, and have heard first hand their fears, their concerns, the why’s and the no’s of doing a boudoir session. It ultimately boils down to not feeling good enough and wanting to see themselves in a different way.

We only have one life, and not to be dramatic but it is time to start living it!

Our confidence completely changes how we are and what we do in life. Imagine waking up every day and feeling like you are good enough, that you can do anything. Imagine with us that you stop looking in the mirror to criticize but to feel confident in your decisions. You start to wear the clothes you love, you go to the beach with out fear, and you stand a little taller because you are not afraid to be seen.

Boudoir is a life changing experience, this is a gift that excites, inspires, and empowers as time goes on. There is nothing better to give someone who loves you the gift of being yourself and owning it. There is no better gift to receive than someone believing in you and knowing you deserve to feel confident and beautiful every day and wants you to know it.

Stop waiting for the perfect time, create it. Let this be the perfect excuse and make it not only your Christmas present but his as well!

Contact us today and be prepared to walk away an entirely new and confident person.

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography

valentines day boudoir

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography

Do you want to give the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to your SO? If so, contact us to schedule a fun and empowering boudoir photo experience.

We are experts at bringing your stunning natural qualities to the forefront and leaving your SO feeling wowed.

Who Does Valentine’s Day Boudoir?

Women and men ranging from their 20s to their 60s+ enjoy this exquisite art form.

It’s perfect for creating a gift that you know your SO will love, because there is really no better gift than yourself.

Other than gifting your SO an empowering and uplifting boudoir session for themselves.

Our Valentine’s day boudoir is most popular among women and men who want to create a spark in their relationship, celebrate the love and passion they have had since day one.

It is for women who are loved so completely and are seen so beautifully but struggle to see it. It’s the perfect way to say I love myself and I see how much you love me.

Your love is worth celebrating and our clients age range from 20 – 70, with most of them being in there 40s, 50s, and 60s.

If this is you, we encourage you to call us. We are an all-female studio that specializes in boudoir photography for the every day women.

valentines day boudoir examples

What Is Included In Your Valentine’s Day Boudoir Session?

Our boudoir sessions include a private space in our two story studio where our team solely focuses on you. Each session is booked for one client where you will be able to relax and feel comfortable.

Our hair and makeup team will take care of you and create the perfect look for you. If you know nothing about makeup, don’t worry as they focus on what your goals are and will create a look around that.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and go bold, we got you, if you want to have a more natural look, they can do that. At the end of the day it’s about what makes you feel the best.

While you are having your hair and makeup done you are more than welcome to have a glass of champagne, after all this is meant to be fun and relaxing – so treat it like a girls day out.

For our Valentine’s day boudoir sessions we know how important it is to convey the love, passion, and desire you have for your SO and Ella will create looks specific to how you want to convey that to your partner.

And don’t worry all of this isn’t a guessing game, leading up to your session we provide one on one consultations to figure out exactly what your SO means to you, what you want the photos to say, and help you figure out the best outfits for your session.

One of the BEST things about working with us is our flexibility and range of offerings. For us, boudoir is an art form, and your feelings and story are the canvas, so we focus on providing a fully customized photography experience.

Message us anytime with your ideas on our Contact page.

What Are Your Valentine’s Day Boudoir Sessions Like?

Our Valentine’s Day boudoir sessions are creative, fun, and professional.

We work hard to create a safe and comfortable environment where you feel empowered to spread your wings and try something new.

Our studio is an all women studio, so from the first call to the last meeting you will be working with women who are just like you.

We are everyday women and understand how nerve wracking it can be to open up and be vulnerable, but we also know how empowering it is to be yourself and celebrate that.

Instead of focusing on what you look like, we focus on who you are first and foremost.

Respect, Care, and Celebration

We treat all of our clients with care and respect and we believe to photograph our clients from the eyes of a loved one. If we see you the way they see you it becomes more than capturing an outstanding gift for your partner, it becomes this

When we see you the way your partner sees you it completely changes what a Valentine’s day boudoir session is about.

Imagine: you have heard from your partner how beautiful you are, how much they love you, and how you shouldn’t be worried about how you look, but no matter how many times they say it you still struggle to believe it.

If you are like us it also sometimes makes for some aggravating conversations in your relationship.

The truth is our partner really believes we are beautiful, stunning, worthy of being loved, but we stop ourselves from believing that.

The gift of a boudoir session is not about what it does for your partner but what it does for you and how that completely effects the rest of your relationship.

You will walk out seeing and believing all the beauty they’ve ever told you, you will go home and on Valentine’s day gift your partner an album and say this is for you.

And in that album every photo will tell them you trust them, that you see what they see in you, and that the way they love you is noticed. You will say you make me feel desired and I love you.

A Personalized Experience

To ensure we represent the real you with 100% authenticity, we give you a phone call before booking your session to discuss what’s most important to you.

For couples’ boudoir, we explore what is important to both of you before your session, that means leading up to your photoshoot we will want to have calls with each of you!

If you wonder why we say let’s make a phone call happen, reread everything above and know that there is no way we can offer you a life changing experience through texting/email. Our goal is to give you the best service possible and that means getting to know you.

A Note About Our Pre-Session Phone Call

Our customary phone call is a pivotal step in your session since it is how we figure out what you want and the best ways to help you achieve your goal.

We will also use the opportunity to address any concerns; we know for most of our clients this is the first time you’ve ever done a boudoir session and we definitely understand the nerves that come with it.

Don’t worry, we often hear “I wish I could be as confident as the women in your portfolio” and every time we hear this we laugh and say don’t worry you already are.

Our clients are camera shy, many times this is their first professional photoshoot and have no clue what to do in front of the camera, they don’t even own lingerie, and this is typically the first time in a long time they’ve done anything really for themselves and are super nervous.

You will walk out and we know that if you showed your photos to anyone they would say the same thing about you.

valentines day boudoir portraits

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Is A Life Enhancing Experience

Our Valentine’s Day boudoir experiences are much more than just taking photos.

They are designed to enhance your life through self-empowerment and the celebration of your most intimate and meaningful relationship, you.

Valentine’s Day boudoir focuses on loving yourself. Knowing what your SO loves about you and what you love about them.

It’s about appreciating all that you make each other feel and letting them be reminded of it.

We’ve learned that what our clients think their partner will love most is something physical, but time and time again we’ve learned that their partner loves seeing them happy, confident, and finally knowing how beautiful they really are.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”

We agree with this completely and while we will get so many bold and beautiful looks we are also passionate about having genuine fun during our session.

During Your Valentine’s Day Session

Once you come to the studio, we’ll take you on a brief tour and take all your outfits upstairs.

After you get changed into something comfortable for hair and makeup, we will pour you a glass of champagne and turn on some music and let you start your session being pampered and having fun.

During your session, we’ll provide you with professional guidance and suggestions and help you strike the perfect poses that express your highest self.

Everything will be created based on all our conversations, inspiration photos you may have sent, outfits and props you brought, and what you want your photos to say.

Our Valentine’s Day photo experiences are completely safe. We only photograph what you’re ready to explore.

One of our mottos is: Be bold, be beautiful, be you.

Whatever helps you embody the love you feel from and for you partner we support.

If that means wanting to do nude artistic looks, or something more everyday casual and intimate, boudoir isn’t only about doing lingerie – so if you want to get creative go ahead.

We have so many ideas and can help guide you through coming up with some amazing looks that you will love..

Work with us to celebrate your love and accomplishments and create an album that you and your partner can enjoy for a lifetime

Call Us Today To Schedule A Session

Couple’s boudoir for Valentine’s Day with us is an intimate experience in which we focus on the love in your relationship. Reach out to us today to prepare a time to visit our studio.

valentines day boudoir model

What Should A Couple Wear For Valentine’s Day Boudoir?

The main thing is to be yourself. Every couple has different tastes, we recommend asking yourself a few questions to get a better idea of what would be authentically you!

What do you like to wear on a special date night? What is your goal of a couples boudoir? What do you love about each other? What do you love about yourselves as a couple?

By answering these questions we can help guide you to different looks that will truly capture your dynamic.

Matching Styles

Your clothes don’t need to match exactly, but you’ll want to share stylistic components unless you are taking an experimental approach.

Some ideas include a fun night out look – think tight dress, slacks with no shirt or jacket.

Casual vogue look – jeans and topless look for both.

Lingerie look – lingerie for our women and as we jokingly say to our men nice underwear! Think boxer briefs in a color that will compliment your ladies lingerie. We’ve found black, whites, and nude colors work best if you want to go with a more sensual look.

How Many Outfits Should I Bring?

For solo session we recommend doing 2-4 outfits and for couples session we recommend 2-3 looks together and 1 look for individual photos.

How Do I Prepare For A Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photoshoot?

Practical Things To Do

1. Use moisturizers and cleansers. Moisturizers and cleansers give your skin a fresh, glowing look that will increase your self-confidence and enhance the overall quality of your session. Sammi is definitely the worst at keeping up with this kind of routine, but she was always bothered how the makeup sat on her face and our artist gave her a great tip about getting into this routine of just moisturizing once a day. Within a week she already noticed a difference.

2. Get plenty of beauty rest before your session. Proper sleep is one of the best ways to enhance your mood and appearance, so you’ll want to make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation before your session. Trust us you will need it we always joke boudoir sessions can be a bit of a workout.

3. (Optional) Get a manicure and pedicure. This is not necessary, but it’s another way to enhance your experience. Any step you can take to improve your confidence will make your session better.

4. If you need it snacks, our boudoir session takes anywhere from 3-4 hours on average. While we provide water and champagne snacks are something that is so specific to each person. So if you are a person who gets hangry you are more than welcome to bring something with you. Otherwise don’t worry at all usually we are having so much fun we don’t notice how quickly the time passes at all.

On this note, you’ll also want to drink plenty of water in the days before your session since this will improve the hydration of your skin.

5. If you were struggling to keep your looks to 2-4 outfits you can definitely bring in a few more just in case you want to change your mind last minute.

When picking outfits, follow your instincts. Pick colors and styles that you resonate with. We will be able to bring your unique look to life.

6. Wear loose clothing on your way to the session. When coming here, it’s best to wear something loose so that you won’t have bra straps marks, panty lines, crease lines/”whiskers” from your jeans, or sock marks.

We recommend bringing a robe as it is the easiest to switch in and out of and a pair of slippers to walk around in.

valentines day boudoir modelinng

Things NOT To Do

We recommend avoiding tanning beds and spray tans a week or two before your session if this is something you have never done before since they are something that will last awhile it’s always better to make a huge change to your looks prior to your session. If you do we advice going in nude to avoid tan lines.

Likewise, you’ll want to avoid heavy sun exposure a week or two before your session to avoid tan lines and sunburns.

If you’re going to be spending time in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen.

Avoid waxing or shaving within 3 days of your session.

If you wax or shave you’ll want to wax or shave well beforehand so that your skin won’t be red or have red bumps if you are prone to this.

Any product that you can use to reduce razor burn is also helpful.

What Makes A Good Boudoir Photo?

A good boudoir photo is subjective at the end of the day, that is why we constantly emphasize that we focus on personalizing your session for you.

A good boudoir photo is one that you look at and feel connected to. It’s like art, when you look at it it should invoke a reaction.

What reaction do you want to get?


Everyone has a different style.

Are you more glam, bold, romantic? Are you a rockabilly, goth girl, goddess? Whatever your style is we will work with it.


Having excellent props will also make for a great boudoir session.

We’ve got this part covered, although if you have  more unique ideas for props you’d like to use, please let us know! If we have them you can use them and if we don’t you can bring them.

Our props include but are not limited to:

  • Plush chairs and couches (with velvet, silk coverings, and more)
  • Candles and candle holders
  • Vintage step ladder
  • Roses (and other flowers)
  • Luxury bed
  • Romantic backdrops
  • Dramatic Robes
  • Angel Wings
  • Masks
  • Pearls

valentines day boudoir woman

How Long Should My Valentine’s Day Boudoir Session Last?

Our boudoir sessions are fully customizable and tailored to your desires and interests.

With that said, your experience will most likely last about 3-4 hours.

We focus on having fun and creating looks for you – it’s never about the amount of poses or strict timing, we have just found 3-4 hours is optimal to have the best experience.

During this time we will schedule your session so you can come in and relax while getting hair and makeup done, do 2-4 outfits and create a variety of bold looks you will absolutely love!

How Should I Gift My Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photos To My Partner?

We are beyond fans of physical product. There is something special about having a tangible element to boudoir photos.

Everything in our studio is customized and handmade in Italy.

Are you into a more modern style in your home and like sleek lines and a luxury feel? We recommend our Young Album

Do you like a more traditional look and want to keep it simple and discreet? That will be perfect for our GoBook

We also have the option of a beautifully handmade leather bound journal that everyone absolutely loves.

If you want something that is truly life changing and want to be reminded of how beautiful you are and your relationship is everyday we recommend wallart, all of our wallart is customized for your home, all we ask is to know where you would love to put it!

These are just some of the things we absolutely love and what our clients purchase the most, but we offer everything from digitals, small prints, albums, portrait boxes, wallart, and more!

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Wall Art

Speaking of wall art: Your Valentine’s Day session could be the perfect opportunity to create an outstanding piece.

We create gorgeous artwork to adorn your home and give you something precious to have as a token of your love.

We provide different kinds of wall art, including canvas prints, mounted wall art, and photo spreads.

Check out our signature wall art examples.


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Should I Post My Boudoir Photos On Facebook?

This is definitely an individual decision.

We love it when our clients post photos from their sessions for others to see, but we understand that not everyone is in the position to do so.

Many of our clients get Valentine’s Day boudoir photos to share privately with their SO, but after their session and when they see their photos they absolutely fall in love with them and want to share them with others.

If this is you we so support you and would also love to share your photos on our own social media pages!

With that said we will NEVER post pictures from your boudoir session without getting your explicit permission first. This is something we will discuss with you during your pre-session phone call and also once you have seen your photos, once you have given permission we just ask you to sign a release form, without it we will not post any photos.

Do You Have Boudoir Portfolio Examples?

Yes, we have 10 years worth of experience and have our portfolio on our website and our Instagram. All photos are examples of real clients.

If you have fallen in love schedule a call with us today and let us know if you would like to also become a part of our private facebook group. This is a the perfect place to get to know other clients who have gone through a photoshoot with us or plan to, where you can find inspiration and empowerment with other women.

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50 Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida

50 Tips For Better Wedding Photography In Florida

Are you a photographer who wants to have better wedding photos? If so, check out our 50 tips for better wedding photography today.

Tip #1: Prepare Your Equipment Thoroughly

Wedding photography requires careful preparation. We always prepare for the session the day before the ceremony. My preparation ritual includes:

– Going over my plan for the photoshoot.

– Charging all batteries used in the equipment.

– Installing fully charged batteries in cameras and other equipment as necessary.

– Double-checking and preparing memory cards.

– Inspecting and cleaning camera lenses.

– Packing my equipment in the camera bag.

This is just my list.

Following a preparatory checklist tailored to you before the wedding will ensure that you don’t forget anything and that all your ducks are in a row.

Tip #2: Make A Detailed Action Plan For The Day Of

Once you have prepared your equipment, the next step is to make a detailed plan of your activities for the day of the wedding.

Having a clear idea of what you are going to do is important since weddings are such busy events.

Prioritizing Family and Close Friends

I always include a list of the people who are closest to the newlyweds so that I 100 percent remember to get photos of them.

Sometimes weddings will have hundreds of people, so it’s essential to have some way to prioritize who to focus on.

Keep Track of Essential Details

I also write down the location of the wedding, the names of the newlyweds, phone numbers, and any feedback that I’ve gotten from the couple.

Additionally, I make sure to print out plans for myself and my manager and print an extra plan for backup. The first one gets packed in my camera bag right away.

Email Backup

It’s also not a bad idea to send a version of your plan to your email. In fact, I strongly suggest it.

You’ll be able to refer to it easily and print an extra copy if you happen to lose your original printed version.

In my experience, making a detailed plan for the day of the wedding is one of the easiest and most effective ways to organize your time.

Tip #3: Prepare A Wedding’s Day Emergency Kit

The best photographers do way more than just take photos. They enhance your experience by providing the best possible service.

Spilled drinks, food stains, lost hairpins, etc., are all to be expected, especially during the reception, which is why it’s a good idea to prepare an “emergency kit.”

My Kit Includes:

– Scissors.

– Threads of different colors, a few needles, and pins.

– Lip gloss.

– Band-aids.

– Hairpins.

– Boutonnieres with pins.

– Paper towels. I use them to dry bouquets – neither you nor your clients want the wedding outfits to get spotted by water droplets.

– Feminine hygiene products.

– Stain removers, cotton swabs, and sponges.

Tip #4: Choose Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

Wedding photography makes serious demands on the photographer, which is why good shoes are SUPER helpful.

There’s nothing worse for a photographer than being stuck in uncomfortable shoes for 8 to 10 hours.

I experienced this firsthand, and after suffering through a couple of weddings, I decided that I would only wear shoes I could work effectively in.

Tip #5: Mitigate Neck and Back Pain

Now, we get it. Wedding photography might not seem like the most…strenuous of activities.


If you’ve shot a wedding at least once in your life, you know that taking pictures all day can very easily lead to neck and back pain.

While I certainly don’t have a 100% working cure that can magically remove all neck and back pain, I would like to share a few tips that help me reduce them.

Use A Wheelie Bag

Being able to wheel around your camera bag, as opposed to wearing a backpack (a LOT of camera bags are modified backpacks), makes a huge difference.

There are of course advantages to wearing a camera bag on your back, such as:

  • Security. You don’t have to worry nearly as much about someone swiping your stuff when it’s on you.
  • Speed. Wearing your camera bag allows you to maneuver quickly through the wedding party.

These are certainly excellent advantages, but if they come at the cost of your back,  you can always just leave your wheelie bag in a safe place and return to it whenever you need to retrieve something.

Unloading Straps

Using unloading straps to carry your camera is another effective way to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders.

50+ Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida1

Tip #6: Don’t Forget About Snacks and Water

No photographer wants to work on an empty stomach, and being thirsty isn’t exactly ideal either when you’re in the middle of doing a wedding.

So, don’t forget to prepare some snacks and bring some water bottles with you.

Tip #7: Arranging A Meal With Your Client

If your contract does not have a clause that includes a full meal, it’s worth adding.

The key word here is “full.”

When I first started shooting weddings, I thought a small sandwich or snack would be enough for me.

I realized very quickly that not getting enough to eat was the wrong approach.

Clients Understand The Need For Reasonable Accommodations

Most clients are more than willing to provide a meal as part of their wedding package, and for the few who find it odd, I kindly remind them that working in wedding photography means:

Standing on your feet for 6-8 hours, walking with camera equipment, and engaging with wedding guests.

To be honest, clients are reasonable, and nearly everyone understands when you explain how much of a workout taking photos for a wedding and wedding reception is.

By the way:

Don’t forget to also discuss a time when you can eat.

This is very important – you should be able to eat at a reasonable pace while also keeping up with your job.

Tip #8: Utilizing An Open Aperture At Times

Taking photos with a fully open aperture allows you to achieve a shallow depth of field, which when used in the right way and in the right setting, makes for engaging, focused, and personal photos.

Be careful to keep an eye on who or what is in focus, as the background will be blurry.

Tip #9: Try Using Slow Sync Mode For Your Wedding Photography

Slow sync mode is useful if you are taking wedding or reception photos at night.

When using the flash, set your shutter speed from 1/15th to 1/30th of a second.

This will allow you to use ambient light as a fill-in.

Tip #10: Pay Extra Attention To The Bride

Want to please the bride? Pay extra attention to her and do everything you can to enhance her experience.

While she’ll certainly be too busy to engage with you directly non-stop, you want to be the fly on the wall that is always looking for the perfect moments to highlight for her.

Be The Subtle Coordinator

Your job as the photographer is also to politely and naturally coordinate the couple, their family, and friends in a dance of sorts, all in order to create the perfect experience.

Remember that people are going to be talking and laughing and even wandering off to engage with other people, grab food and drinks, and so on.

Being able to rally everyone’s attention for photos takes practice and the ability to professionally direct a situation.

Tip #11: Use The Surrounding Architecture To Your Advantage

Using prominent architectural elements, such as a church steeple, a balcony, or a fountain, as a backdrop for your wedding photos adds character when done in the right way.

Note: If you have a good backdrop, the foreground will “take its place,” forming a perfect composition.

We encourage you to explore the wedding venue beforehand and see which architectural elements work best.

Tip #12: Take Advantage of The Natural Lighting

Outdoor wedding photography is obviously going to be a unique challenge and quite different from doing a wedding indoors.

When taking photos outside, you have to account for unexpected variables, such as sudden changes in lighting caused by cloud cover.

Rain, wind, and other elements are also a concern—

But while we’re on the subject of lighting, we do want to point out that you will inevitably encounter moments where the natural lighting changes and becomes “just right.”

If you can catch these moments and make the most of them, they will help bring your photos to life in a big way.

Tip #13: Look For Shadows

Tip 13 is an extension of tip 12 since you also want to make the most of the shadows that are available, especially when taking photos outside.

Finding the right balance of light and dark gives your photos contrast and dynamism but also ensures that they don’t become too jarring.

This is something that takes practice and requires a sharp eye to achieve.

Wedding photography is all about telling a story.

You want to highlight the most important moments for your client, not necessarily try to experiment on the spot, so practice when you can in your free time.

If you run into heavily shadowed areas, use your camera’s fill-in flash mode. You should be able to turn it on in the camera’s menu, under the section on flash modes.

Tip #14: Experiment With Your Camera Angle

A slight tilt of the camera can, in certain cases, make your pictures more dynamic. You don’t have to shoot strictly horizontally or vertically in every single case.

Keep in mind that whether you tilt some photos during the wedding is really up to the couple. It may not be appropriate for the setting.

With that said, we do encourage you to experiment in your free time with tilting your photos to see how you can enhance your work.

50+ Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida9

Tip #15: Deepen Your Understanding of Shutter Speeds and Lighting

During your free time, another thing you can experiment with is using slow shutter speeds to bring out the dynamics of your photos.

You can also practice with mixed lighting, i.e., using your flash to “freeze” the subject while at the same time using external lighting to emphasize movement.

Play around with your camera’s sensor sensitivity (ISO) to see how this affects your work.

Tip #16: Use A Bracket To Mount Your Camera Flash

Moving your flash away from your camera’s “hot shoe” can help improve the way shadows appear in your photos, especially in the background.

The best flash brackets are ones that allow you to quickly adjust the camera flash for different types of shots.

Tip #17: Look For Non-Obvious Subjects

The most interesting things that happen at a wedding are not always right in front of you or obvious at first glance.

We mean it when we say that wedding photography is about telling a story.

So, keep an eye out for those golden opportunities that spotlight the feelings, love, and romance of the newlyweds during their big day.

Also, be on the look for other interesting plots.

Tip #18: Train Your Eyes To Notice Detail

As photographers, we are only as good as our practice.

This is why the more you train your eyes to pick up on subtle cues and spot details other people miss, the better your photo sessions will be.

Practice Tidbits

Some practice tidbits include:

  • Spotlighting emotion. Anytime your subjects smile, laugh, or become emotional, your job is to honor that moment and bring it to life.
  • Paying attention to the background. The background, as well as any accessories and surrounding objects, are tools that you can use to add character to your photos.

The better you get at recognizing excellent settings and candid moments, the more impactful your wedding photography will be.

Tip #19: Take Pictures From A Lower Vantage Point

In your free time, try experimenting with taking pictures from a lower vantage point.

You’ll probably need to sit or even lie down to accomplish this.

We get that lying down during the middle of your wedding photography session almost certainly won’t work.

But the more you practice taking photos from different vantage points, the more dynamic your work will be.

50+ Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida8

Tip #20: Be Friendly and Engage With Your Subject

Skilled photographers have a very fine gauge for when it is appropriate to hang back and when to interact with their subjects.

There will be times when you need to coordinate with the wedding party to gather everyone for a group photo.

Once you’ve gotten their attention, be friendly, tell a quick joke, make a witty remark.

Anything that creates rapport with your subjects, gains their attention, makes them laugh, etc., is beneficial.

Tip #21: Give Your Photos A Bit More Grit

Grainy photos have a certain mood, which can be used in certain (but definitely not all) situations.

Speak with the couple beforehand about the style of photographs they are hoping for.

If they do want you to utilize a grainy look, turn off the flash and increase your camera’s ISO, which is standard for low-light/no-flash photography.

Tip #22: Try Taking Pictures With A Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses are extremely useful since they give you the ability to zoom in (as much as 2 times Optical zoom) on your subjects.

They also help you with taking photos from a distance and being the “discreet observer.”

One of the downsides, however, of telephoto lenses is that they are sensitive to movement and shaking.

You most likely will need a tripod handy when using these types of lenses.

Tip #23: Make Friends With The Wedding Organizers

New photographers sometimes overlook this step, but you will certainly want to adhere to it.

The truth is that none of us are perfect, and even skilled photographers don’t pick up on every detail. There might be important moments that you miss because you’re not aware they are happening.

Coordinating closely with the wedding organizers helps you solve this problem.

The organizers can alert you to what events are happening or about to come up, which will ensure that you are in the right place at the right time.

Tip #24: Don’t Impose

Remember that weddings have many different types of people, so not everyone may want their photos taken.

If you’re unsure whether you should take a photo of a certain person, it’s always best to ask for permission or to look for an obvious sign that lets you know they are ok with it.

The point here is not to walk on eggshells but to be cognizant of social cues.

With experience, you will learn to recognize the signals people give when they don’t want to be photographed.

50+ Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida7

Tip #25: Catch Funny Moments

This tip is very similar to tip 18, but we do want to emphasize it.

Not only should you train your eyes to look for details and catch opportune moments, but you should also be an expert at highlighting funny moments.

Weddings and wedding receptions always have funny moments, so be on the lookout for opportunities.

Your clients will appreciate your attention to detail. Everyone wants photos that are fun and enjoyable.

Tip #26: Use The Wind To Your Advantage

For outdoor wedding photography in windy weather, you have the opportunity to use the wind to your advantage.

Wind can either be a distraction or a helpful tool for adding movement and dynamism to your photos.

We suggest practicing your craft in windy areas to learn how you can make the most of them.

Here are some specific tips we recommend when working in a windy area:

  • Use a quicker shutter speed
  • Turn on image stabilization
  • Shield your camera from the wind
  • Use a tripod
  • Find structures, such as a wall or tall, heavy bushes, that can shield your subjects from the wind
  • When changing lenses, go inside or take cover from the wind to keep dirt from getting inside the camera.
  • Use a lens filter

Tip #27: Meet The Couple Beforehand

Our suggestion: Always meet in advance with the couple before the wedding.

Believe it or not, some newer photographers make the mistake of booking over the phone without actually going to meet their clients until the day of.

Having an in-person meeting will help you get to know each other and give you a chance to really find out what your clients want. Take advantage of the opportunity!

Tip #28: Create A Positive Atmosphere

Remember that the best photographers do much more than just take photos.

They provide an amazing experience for their clients, which means you have to create a positive atmosphere.

Smile at people. Make eye contact. Direct the subjects in the frame with kindness and enthusiasm.

In some sense, you want to be the life of the party….Without of course taking attention away from the newlyweds.

This is the mindset you want to have going in.

Tip #29: Go With The Flow

Every wedding and weddings reception is different and will ebb and flow naturally—

Meaning you won’t be able to photograph every single moment or direct the guests’ attention 100 percent of the time, nor should you.

Allow time and space for guests to mingle, take their own photos, grab food, dance, etc.


Be scouting the wedding for those who would like to take photos with you.

This approach will help you organize group shots since you won’t be forcing anything but instead finding a natural rhythm.

50+ Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida6

Tip #30: Use The Subtle Approach To Take Candid Photos

To enhance your wedding photography, try framing your subject through the viewfinder, then drawing their attention to you, and taking a candid photo when they aren’t posing.

You might ask about their favorite color or what band they like. Anything to create a well-meaning distraction will suffice.

When they realize you’ve already taken their photo, you can show them and see if they approve.

You’ll find that 9 times out of 10, people appreciate their candid photos.

Tip #31: Develop A Problem-Solving Mindset

When dealing with a hectic or challenging environment (sometimes your wedding photography sessions will encounter challenges), you don’t want to:

Spend the entire session fighting the elements, running around trying to get people’s attention, racing against time, etc.

Instead, you want to develop a problem-solving mindset and build it like a muscle.

Time and Experience Are Your Friends

As you gain confidence and experience, you will develop the ability to find many ways to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

This is helpful to understand since new photographers can sometimes get a little overwhelmed when faced with dozens of wedding guests and unexpected twists and turns.

Tip #32: Prepare For Rainy Weather

Outdoor wedding photography is beautiful, interesting, exciting, and a whole lot of fun.

But it does come with one major drawback—the weather.

Unless you live in a dry area, you’ll want to prepare for rain.

Remember Murphy’s Law (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong), and bring umbrellas and whatever gear is necessary to protect your equipment!

Tip #33: Get The Guests Involved

Your wedding photography sessions will usually have dozens, if not hundreds, of people.

So, once you’ve focused your efforts on the couple, their family, and closest friends, the next step is to get the other guests involved.

Large group photos make an excellent addition to your portfolio and are something your clients can look back fondly on.

50+ Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida5

Tip #34: Manage Your Time

Here’s a good motto: You should always have time to spare during a photoshoot.

While this can’t always literally be true, this is the mindset you want to have each time you do wedding photography.

Always think ahead so that you can stay ahead.

If you’re running behind, it means you didn’t plan properly, which isn’t the end of the world. It’s just something to practice.

A disorganized photographer misses important moments, so become a super organizer and an expert at time management.

Tip #35: Get To Know The Guests

Imagine getting a photo of relatives who are seeing each other for the first time in 20 years.

Finding a moment like this at the wedding or the reception is an example of excellent photography in action.

But there is only one way you’re going to spotlight touching moments of this caliber.

You have to get the know the guests.

Any information you can gather (who they are and how they relate to the newlyweds and to each other) will enhance the photo experience you provide.

Tip #36: Be Discreet When Taking Pictures of People Who Are Eating

Don’t take pictures of people eating. This is sort of an unspoken rule.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tuck your camera away every time someone has a plate in front of them at the wedding reception, however.

The key here is knowing how to manage such moments.

Wait until your subjects are at their best, and avoid taking photos of people who are in the middle of chewing.

Tip #37: Don’t Obsess Over Every Photo You take

This is a big one for us perfectionists!

Don’t hyper-analyze every photo you take since this will distract you from what’s going on and cause you to miss opportunities.

Do the best you can, check your photos quickly, then move on. You can focus on enhancing the photos after the fact.

Also, don’t delete your photos prematurely. Only delete photos that you definitely can’t use.

Otherwise, save them for when you have a chance to sit down and comb through them.

50+ Tips for Better Wedding Photography in Florida4

Tip #38: Watch Out For Light Reflected On Glass

When doing wedding photography, you’re bound to run into numerous situations where glass is involved.

Not being able to do photos in which your subject is in front of or behind a glass surface is a BIG issue.

This is something all wedding photographers have to learn how to manage!

Cross-polarization works well for eliminating unwanted reflections on glass. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up.

You’ll want to use a circular polarizer on the lens and a linear polarizer gel on the flash.

Tip #39: Bring The Story To Life

While there are many technical considerations to bear in mind when doing wedding photography, you also want to remember your inner artist.

Let all the technical stuff be in service of the client’s big day, their feelings, and the story behind their love.

Three Photo Technique

If you need a technique to capture a story and bring it to life, try taking at least three photos per concept that you are trying to illustrate.

For example, you can 1) take a distant shot of the wedding cake, 2) a candid photo of the newlyweds cutting the cake, and 3) a close-up of the guests’ reactions to what is going on.

This is just an example. What we’re saying here is…focus on weaving a narrative with your photos so that they have continuity and an underlying theme and feeling.

Tip #40: Adjust Your Settings To Photograph Confetti

Most weddings are going to have confetti thrown at some point, and you’ll want to be ready for it.

To get great photos of confetti, use a shutter speed of around 1/200 and also use a lower lens aperture—f/2.8 is good.

When the newlyweds exit the church, pay attention to the direction the wind is blowing since it’s going to determine your positioning as well as the way your subjects should be arranged.

It’ll be up to you to get everyone in the proper position before the couple comes out.

Tip #41: Take Photos In RAW Format If You Can

If possible, always shoot in RAW format for your wedding photography, ESPECIALLY during the ceremony.


JPEGs are better if you need to prioritize speed and might be your best option at the wedding reception.

RAWs give you more to work with, but they require more time and effort. They are larger in size and take longer to write on the card.

You’ll have to get a big memory card if you plan on only taking RAWs.

Tip #42: Try Underexposing Your Photos When Necessary

When photographing a bride in a white dress in direct sunlight, try underexposing the shot by -1 EV.

You can correct the underexposure (if it’s an issue) on your computer later when shooting in RAW format.

The dynamic range of modern digital cameras is very wide, meaning there are always ways to overcome difficult lighting.

Tip #43: Turn Off The Beeps On your Camera

To keep your camera from making too much noise during the wedding ceremony, look through the manual to find out how to turn off beeping for focusing, shutter, self-timer, etc.

You want to be as discreet as possible when the couple is making their vows.

Tip #44: Use A Flash Diffuser

Flash diffusers are a godsend that help even out contrast, soften shadows, and create a more appealing look for your wedding photography subjects.

We recommend practicing with a flash diffuser if you haven’t before.

A large-area diffuser attached to the head of the flash works well for a variety of photo genres, not just wedding photography.

Tip #45: As A General Rule, Turn Off Effects

A lot of modern digital cameras nowadays have special effects that try to mimic special lens filters. You can find these features hidden in some menus.

While you don’t want to avoid using every camera effect, as a general rule, you want to avoid getting too out in left field during your wedding photography sessions.

Leave Most Effects For Post-Production

If you want to give the final products an effect of some kind, use RAW format and then apply the desired effects during post-processing.

If you apply effects to JPEG while you are in the middle of your wedding sessions, you limit your flexibility and potentially create a look that you don’t want.

Tip #46: Watch Out For Wide-Angle Lenses In Large Group Photos

You might hear people advise you to use wide-angle lenses for large group photos.

But this can cause distortion on the edges of the frame, so you’ll want to be careful about this.

Try finding an alternative to a very wide angle lens unless the wedding venue leaves you no other choice.

NOTE: We don’t want you to think wide angle lenses are bad. They do have their uses. But they need to be used correctly.

One pro of wide angle lenses is that they work well when photographing buildings.

Tip #47: Use Auto Exposure Locking

We suggest practicing with the auto exposure lock feature on your camera, which you activate by pressing the AE-L key or pressing the shutter button halfway.

Mastering your camera’s auto exposure lock helps you improve the quality of the subject in the image.

This is particularly true if you are using RAW format.

Start Simple With AE-L

The beginning practice is very straightforward. Aim your camera at the subject or scene that you want to be well-exposed, and press exposure lock.

You can then recompose and take your photo.

If needed, you can enhance the rest of the image in post-production when using RAW format.

Tip #48: Use A Reflector

Consider using a reflector, if not for your wedding photography, then as a general practice.

They’re reasonably cheap, and they help when you only have a single directional source of light but your photo
requires more than that.

Reflectors are good for reducing shadows and harsh glares.

Tip #49: Be Scrutinizing Once You Go Home

Once you’ve finished your wedding photography session, you still have to go home and spruce up your final product.

When sorting through your photos, be discerning with how much you touch up photos.

There is no one-size-fits-all piece of advice here on the best way to go about this.

Just concentrate on telling a story and bringing the emotions of your subjects to life.

Tip #50: Keep Practicing

Wedding photography is a journey with ups and downs, accomplishments and setbacks. The key to success is being consistent and reliable, always learning new things, and never giving up.

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Sunshine and Lace: Experience A Florida Boudoir Photoshoot

Women laying on red sheet in black lingerie.

Florida Boudoir Photo Experience

Are you ready to have an empowering Florida boudoir photo session with one of the top photographers in Florida?

Come See Ella Gagiano

Ella has 20 years of experience providing uplifting and transformative photo experiences that reveal your inner confidence and the real you.

She has traveled across the world doing boudoir photography, women empowerment (strong woman), sports, fashion, and more.

Quick Note About The Meaning of the Word Boudoir

Not everyone is familiar with boudoir or what it means, so let’s define it.

Boudoir, which appeared in the late 18th century, has French roots and refers to a room, specifically a bedroom or dressing room for women.

What Is Boudoir Photography Then?

Boudoir photography is an empowering blend of fashion and glamour photography with strong sensual and romantic elements.

Keep in mind that boudoir photography is MUCH more than just taking photos in lingerie.

It’s about acknowledging your inherent beauty and courage and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Is Boudoir Photography In Demand?

Yes, it definitely is. More men and women are enjoying the boudoir experience today than ever before.

What Are Boudoir Photos Used For?

The purpose of our Florida boudoir sessions is to give you a medium through which to convey a message or discover something new about yourself.

Many of our clients come to us to convey feelings of love and tenderness for their SO or for their baby who is still on the way.

Florida boudoir makes an excellent gift for your partner or acts as a very meaningful memento that freeze-frames a big moment in your life.


There are also other reasons for doing boudoir. Self-empowerment is a huge one and is very central to what we do and care about at our studio.

Who Takes Boudoir Photos?

At present, boudoir is most popular among women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

If you’re part of this demographic and are reading this, you might be wondering if Florida boudoir is something you can or should do.

The answer is absolutely!

Many of our clients are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

In fact, women in this age range are our specialty. 🙂

Other Ideal Candidates For A Florida Boudoir Photoshoot

Professional models, brides before their wedding, married women, and those who want to experience something new are all ideal candidates for a Florida boudoir shoot.

Participating in boudoir sessions for most people requires that they get out of their comfort zone. So, if this is something you’d like to try, call us today.

Self-Expression Is Priceless

Let us clarify that a boudoir-style photoshoot is NOT about nudity. Nudity only plays a secondary role.

It’s about expressing your feelings, your story, and an important part of yourself, which is priceless.

Many of our clients find their boudoir experiences to be……transformative, inspiring, and thrilling.

Florida boudoir photography

How To Prepare For A Boudoir Session

Here are some tips that will enhance your experience with us:

1. Bring more than one outfit. Why settle with one when you can try multiple? We’re creative and flexible. Your boudoir experience is about having fun!

2. Bring your favorite lotion and pamper yourself. Our atmosphere at Ella Gagiano Studios is designed to help you relax.

3. (Optional) Shave or wax a few days before your session. Many women agree this increases their self-confidence, but it’s certainly not necessary. We encourage you to do what makes you feel bold and empowered.

4. Stay away from spray tanning. This will help with your skin tone in the photos. We can always retouch as necessary.

5. Get plenty of rest the night before. It’s amazing what a full night’s sleep can do for one’s appearance and mood, so make sure you get plenty of R&R before you come to see us.

PS Don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks with you. There is nothing like a delicious treat to lift your mood and delight the senses during your session.

The Atmosphere At Ella Gagiano Studios

Our atmosphere is warm and inviting, and our Florida boudoir sessions are relaxed and open to your lead. After all, it’s your experience!

What we do is act as professional guides to add structure to your session and use our experience to illuminate your natural, gorgeous qualities.

Rather than try to change you, we recognize that you ALREADY are a beautiful, strong, and capable woman.

We Offer A Range of Boudoir Experiences

We are able to convey all sorts of feelings and nuances in our sessions, whether you want to tell a story about your past, venerate your pregnancy, explore aspects of your personality, or try something else entirely.

We cover a broad range of concepts, so message us with your ideas on our Contact page.

To see our boudoir portfolio examples, check out our Instagram.

Where Do You Provide Boudoir Sessions?

We offer boudoir at our studio, which is located at 3175 US-1S, Saint Augustine, FL 32086.

Boudoir photo sessions can be done almost anywhere that is private, although we suggest coming to the studio and benefitting from our sets, props, lighting, and cutting-edge equipment.

The best place for a boudoir photoshoot is undoubtedly inside a professional photo studio.

The benefits of using a photo studio include:

  • Proper lighting
  • Professional sets
  • Access to thematic props that will help you enhance your photos
  • No distractions, i.e., no extra people

Bride Florida boudoir photography

How Long Do Florida Boudoir Photoshoots Take?

Florida boudoir photoshoots usually take about 3 hours, as they require preliminary work on your hair and makeup before the session begins.

Can You Tell Me More About What To Expect During A Boudoir Photoshoot?


You can expect to be treated with respect from start to finish.

From the moment you walk into our studio, we greet you warmly and help you prepare for the session by covering some photography basics.

We’ll show you around the studio, show you the dressing room, then once you’ve changed, take you to our boudoir set.

The Session

During the session, we only do what you’re comfortable with, so in this respect, it’s no different than any other photoshoot.

What sets your boudoir session apart is exploring an entirely new side to yourself and having an unforgettable experience. How much you want to explore is always determined by you.

Pre-Session Phone Call

We also want to note that before your session, we have a phone call or Zoom meeting with you to discuss the details of your session and write down what is most important to you.

That way, when you arrive, we are aligned with your wants and needs.

During our pre-session phone call, we also explain more about the boudoir experience, address scheduling concerns (if any), and expand upon our list of how to prepare for your boudoir session.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Session

Unlocking a new side of you has never been safer or easier. Call us today to schedule a time to come see us.

Florida boudoir studio

Further Reading: How To Make Your Boudoir Photography As Good As Possible

There are certain key ways to enhance your boudoir photography. Read more to learn what they are.

1. Choose The Right Boudoir Photographer

To find the right photographer, ask these questions:

-Why do I want a boudoir photoshoot?

Perhaps you want a new experience, to embody unfamiliar aspects of your personality, or to honor your femininity.

-Who do I feel comfortable taking photos with?

This is a good question to ask. At Ella Gagiano Studios, we are an all-female team, which might be exactly what you’re looking for.

During your session, you’ll be working with Ella and our lovely Studio Manager Sammy.

The Power of Portfolios

Choosing the right photographer gets a lot easier when you can look at examples of their work.

If there is one thing we recommend, it’s looking at your preferred photographer’s portfolio to see if their work resonates with you.

You can find numerous work examples from us on our website and our Instagram profile to see if we’re the right fit.

Find A Friendly and Helpful Photographer

You’ll also want to pick a photographer who is friendly, helpful, and communicative.

A good indicator of the quality of your preferred photographer is whether they answer your phone calls and respond to your texts.


How your photographer treats you before your session is how they’ll treat you during your session.

At Ella Gagiano Studios, we always treat our clients with professionalism, respect, and prompt communication! We love hearing from you, so if you have questions, feel free to text or call us anytime.

Side Note:

It’s also helpful to read what your preferred photographer writes and posts on social media. This will give you an idea of how they communicate with their clients, followers, and audience.

Photographers that are friendly, punctual, and helpful are always the right choice.

Your Photoshoot Consultation

Once you’ve found a photographer who seems right to you, your next step is to call them for a consultation.

During your preliminary conversation with them, you’ll want to discuss all the details that matter to you.

Whatever questions or concerns you have, that’s ground you’ll want to cover.

Private or Public Photos

Definitely tell your photographer whether you want your photos to be public or private.

At Ella Gagiano Studios, we always ask what your preference is. That way, your photos won’t be published anywhere without your express approval.

Picking A Time That Works Best For You

After an hour or so of taking photos, you might feel a little tired, especially if you are doing maternity boudoir and have a little one on the way.

For this reason, we advise you to pick a time for your session that works best for your internal clock—some people work better in the morning, for example.

Woman in sunset - Florida boudoir photo

2. Provide Examples To Your Photographer

During your consultation, show your photographer some example photos that inspire you. Include details such as the clothing, set, concept, makeup, and hairstyling.

You can use Instagram and Pinterest for this purpose. Both are great resources.

10 to 15 concept examples should be enough for a skilled photographer to take inspiration from and creatively expand upon to make a unique photo session for you.

Regarding your clothing during the boudoir session:

Our advice is to wear what you like and what feels comfortable.

Boudoir photos don’t just mean lingerie. They can work with a nightgown, pajamas, a robe, etc.

It’s common for women to wear clothing other than lingerie items, as not everyone feels ready to wear these in front of a camera, and not everyone needs to.

Excellent photos can be taken in a lace shirt, a beautiful robe—you name it.

Creating A Digital Mood Board (Optional)

If you’ve never thought about using a mood board, they are a helpful and convenient tool that you can use to share ideas with your photographer.

You can create a digital mood board on Pinterest.

3. Prepare For The Session In Advance

Ideally, you’ll want to prepare for a couple of weeks before your photo session and get a manicure and pedicure, wax, and keep a good sleep schedule.

Also, avoid tanning beds and spray tans if you can help it.

Loose Clothing Can Be Helpful In Some Cases

Lingerie and elastic band marks stay on the skin for some time, which can change the direction of your session.

This is why we advise you to go to your photoshoot in clothing that is loose enough not to leave marks.

Following these recommendations will help you show up looking and feeling your best on the day of your photo experience.

Makeup and Hairstyling

If you need an excellent makeup artist and hairstylist, we’ll give you our referrals.

We know the best artists in Florida who will enhance your experience, increase your confidence, and have you feeling like a Queen.

Florida boudoir sunset

4. Relax and Have Fun During Your Photo Experience

The most important thing when doing your Florida boudoir photoshoot is to enjoy yourself.

Art is fun, and intimate photoshoots are an art form that expresses your beauty, which is something to be honored and revered.

So, take this as an opportunity to let loose, have a blast, and learn more about yourself as you add to your experiences as a woman.

Achieve A New Mindset With Boudoir

In our experience, the more you acknowledge your qualities, the more your self-confidence increases.

As you grow in your confidence, this improves every area of your life, helps you develop as a person, and seize new opportunities.

Are you ready to go to the next level by trying something as exciting as a boudoir photo session?

Fantastic Florida boudoir photoshoot

5. Follow Up With Your Photographer

“How long do I have to wait for my photos?” is a good question to ask your photographer.

I advise you to discuss this with your photographer before you begin the photoshoot so that you don’t get upset and say to yourself something like, “Well, it’s September, and my summer photos are still not ready.”

Usually, photographers have deadlines of one to two months.

If you like a photographer’s work but they need an extended deadline, we suggest having them produce 2 to 3 photos quickly.

Later, the photographer can finish developing the rest of the photos.

Our Technical Concept

Teasing The Audience During Boudoir Photography

For boudoir photographs, we suggest not showing every intimate detail and instead teasing the imagination of your audience.

We will coordinate with you to add all the special elements that work to cultivate your highest self.

Making You Comfortable

One of our most important tasks is to make you comfortable. We can’t overstate how much it helps when you feel welcomed and safe.

You’ll be happy to hear that we have years of experience creating a safe, uplifting environment for our clients.

Close-ups During Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Close-ups have great power in photography and are very good at showing aspects of yourself that few others get to see.

In our experience, to make close-ups good, you want to show the real you.

Although we encourage the use of makeup, we do tend to keep it to a minimum so that the true beauty of our clients can shine through.

Boudoir Photography For Your Wall Art

We also offer wall art to those who would like to use photos from their Florida boudoir sessions as decorative pieces for their homes.

Ella and Sammy will work with you closely to create superb pieces with meaningful messages that beautify your space.

Boudoir Photography As A Wedding Gift

Boudoir photos also make the perfect intimate gift for your partner.

If you’d like to surprise your SO before, on, or after the big day, contact us.

After your Florida boudoir session, we’ll give you some gift wrapping and packaging ideas and also guide you on how to turn your session into a gorgeous handheld wedding album so that your photos will be the perfect surprise.

Florida boudoir details

Theo and Tony’s Las Vegas engagement session

Couple photoshoot in beautiful stairs holding hands

What is better that a Las Vegas engagement session on the Strip? We decided on Cesars Palace Hotel for Theo and Tory’s session and it was perfect! It’s such and elegant and romantic location.

Theo and Tony are also the most beautiful couple and it was clear that they are deeply in love with each other and very happy to have found that special one that completes you. We are wishing them only the best and cannot wait for their wedding!

Location: Caesars Palace Hotel

Make up: Las Vegas Make up girl