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What Does Boudoir Mean?

Boudoir in French means a woman’s bedroom or a dressing room.

Boudoir photo sessions, meanwhile, are about expressing yourself in a bold, new way. They encompass a much broader subject.

Doing boudoir is a big step that many women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are embracing.

The focus of boudoir photos is not nudity but self-expression. Our goal is to help you show your strength and confidence so that you remember who you are.

At Ella Gagiano Studios, our mission is to empower you.

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session

About Our Boudoir Photo Experiences

Ella’s boudoir photo experiences combine the main features of glamour, portrait, and art photography.

We do much more than simply help you find the right pose; we create moments that cause you to fall in love with yourself all over again.

Our expert use of lighting and setting is there to accentuate your beautiful features.

What Are Boudoir Photos Used For?

Self-expression is our #1 priority. Every woman wants to feel strong, bold, and beautiful.

The truth is, you are these things and much more.

That makes our job clear. We are here to show your inherent qualities to the world.

Beyond this, your boudoir experience could be the perfect gift for your partner, or you could use it as a memento of a very important time in your life.

How Long Does A Boudoir Photo Session Take?

Your average boudoir photo session will last 1-3 hours, depending on what studio you work with and the experience of the photographer.

If you work with us, we never try to rush you through your session and create different time slots for different needs.

Do You Offer Pregnant Boudoir Photo Sessions?

We certainly do!

Our maternity boudoir sessions focus on showing off your pregnancy glow and spotlighting that special WOW factor.

We also use these experiences to help you express your vulnerability and tell a story about your journey of motherhood, your emotions, and even the challenges you’ve faced along the way.

Vulnerability and Self-Expression

Maternity photos are a big step, but they are so worth it.

So many of our clients feel a sense of being understood, especially once they are able to express their journey in such a meaningful way.

To learn more about how we handle your maternity session, visit our Contact page.

The Best Time for A Pregnancy Boudoir Session

The best time is around the 7th month.

Of course, this is all very individual and depends on how your pregnancy is progressing.

Sometimes mothers who are this far along suffer from shortness of breath, lower back pain, and other concerns.

If you’re inspired to do a maternity session with us, keep us updated about how you feel so that we can gauge the exact best time to take your photos.

Maternity photography nude 9

What To Wear During Your Boudoir Photo Session

Popular clothing items for your boudoir session are as follows:

  • Light lace lingerie
  • Light dressing gown (négligée)
  • A see-through bride’s dress
  • Maternity boudoir dress
  • White t-shirt
  • An oversized sweater
  • Something stunning – Your favorite jeans, seductive shorts, a miniskirt, or underwear
  • Something masculine – Your favorite sweater, tie, sports equipment, or uniform
  • Wedding items – Jewelry, garter, and/or wedding veil
  • Fantasy items – Mermaid costume, secretary, nurse, etc.
  • Additional items –  Shoes, panties, or stockings

Cute Boudoir Accessories

Some of our favorite boudoir accessory add-ons include bracelets, earrings, faux furs, and laurels.

Of course, accessories are just the icing on the cake. The real focus is on you and your natural beauty.

What About Shoes?

We suggest wearing stilettos.

Got Other Ideas For Your Boudoir Outfit?

We’d love to hear your ideas for boudoir outfits!

If you want to wear something not listed above or go fully nude, these are certainly viable options. Send us a message and tell us your thoughts.

We can also supply props of different kinds. Just add some details about the props you’d like to use.

Poses During Your Boudoir Photo Session

There are plenty of rules when it comes to striking the right pose, but we don’t want to bog you down with a million extraneous details.

The biggest thing you want to remember is to relax and be creative while we give you pointers during your experience to maximize your artistic expression.

The job of a master photographer is to help you show off your intriguing and irresistible side, which sometimes means experimenting with different poses that your partner will absolutely adore.

Using Props During A Boudoir Photoshoot

You only need a few props for boudoir photography.

In fact, the fewer items you have in the frame, the better the result since many props detract from the subject.

To enhance your image, you only need a few basic things, such as a chair, couch, sheets, a veil, a tasteful rug, and curtains.

Other objects like wine glasses and books also work well when appropriate.

We always choose props that fit your personality.

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session

Some Specific Poses For Your Boudoir Photo Session

Although we stand by what we said (we don’t want to bog you down with too many technical details on this post), here are some tips you may find helpful when searching for the right pose.

Body Position

When lying down, try turning your head to one side and either lifting your arms to your sides or raising an arm above your head to embody a feeling of openness and vulnerability.

For standing shots, try bending one knee slightly forward and cupping your breast nearest to the camera in a position of strength and empowerment.

Bending your leg forward is a power pose that represents confidence and helps create an elegant angle for your leg.

Other poses include but are not limited to:

  • The tease. This is where you lie on your stomach with your back slightly arched and your hips elevated.
  • The inverted poise. This is where your body is turned away from the camera while you look over your shoulder.

To learn more about the poses we suggest, call us anytime and ask for details!

About Ella Gagiano Studios

Our passion at Ella Gagiano Studios is celebrating your best moments and bringing them to life with an exceptional level of quality.

Our goal is to bring your photos to life and help you present your best self.

Personalized Experiences

We offer a range of different photography styles and excel at creating bold, sensual, and elegant experiences personally tailored to you.

Our clients tell us frequently how empowered and thrilled they are to be able to branch out on a limb and try something so exciting.

However, before you decide to work with us, it is important to know some basics about who we are and what to expect during your session. This is the purpose of this post. We hope you’ve found it helpful.


Our studio was started by Ella Gagiano, who doubles as the photographer and owner. Nothing runs, however, without the help of our amazing Studio Manager Sammy.

Together, we operate a high-level studio that specializes in client experience, dramatic storytelling, and flash photography.

Now that you’re here, the next step is to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with Sammy to see if we are the right fit for you.

Florida Location

We’ve recently moved from Las Vegas, where we operated for 10 years, to Florida.

If you have any questions and want to learn more about what we offer, especially as it pertains to your boudoir photo session, contact us today at 702-340-5505 or email us at

PS We have substantial experience traveling to various countries and doing photo shoots for destination weddings. Inquire for details.

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Session

Further Reading: Boudoir Photography FAQs

1. Can You Tell Me More About Why People Take Boudoir Photos?

Boudoir sessions are empowering and reveal your strength, creativity, and self-confidence.

A big motivation is to express what you’re feeling during an important time in your life, such as before you get married, during pregnancy, or after a career change.

Boudoir photos are revealing, vulnerable, and brave. They are a learning experience for women who have never tried to show skin on camera before.

2. Can You Tell Me More About The Atmosphere At Your Studio?

Absolutely! We are very friendly and inviting and work hard to make you feel comfortable!

To get the most from your experience, confidence is key, which is why we encourage you and guide you through the correct poses every step of the way.

Fun and Playful Environment

Our photo sessions are designed to be fun and playful so that we can help bring out your genuine self.

There are many reasons why people take boudoir photos. Sometimes it’s just about trying something new and being experimental.

We certainly encourage you to call us if you have questions about boudoir photography, what it entails, our prices, scheduling, and more.

One Final Note On Our Atmosphere – Going With The Flow

Our boudoir sessions are relaxed and flexible.

Although we certainly follow a defined structure, we don’t have a rigid one. Our sessions are more about synching with your rhythm and vibe.

You might consider turning on some music or even drinking champagne to help you relax.

You can also rehearse your poses in advance with us to give you more confidence. Nothing is rushed.

We like to think of boudoir photography as a type of artistry. After all, boudoir photos are a celebration of human expression.

3. Will My Boudoir Photo Session Really Last 3 Hours?

Our photoshoots usually take around 2 hours, partly because we spend time doing your hair and makeup.

We also take some time to set up any props you may want, arrange accessories, clarify what kind of poses you are comfortable with, and go over other details.

4. Should I Get My Nails Done For A Boudoir Shoot?

It certainly can’t hurt!

While boudoir photography focuses mainly on your physique and your lingerie, every detail you can add to express yourself will only enhance your photos.

5. Should I Wax Before Boudoir?

You certainly can. You’ll just want to make sure you don’t wax three to four days before your session.

The reason why is that waxing your hair can agitate your skin and cause it to become bumpy and red.

You’ll want to wax or shave far enough ahead of time so that your skin will have its regular appearance during your experience!

6. Do You Wear Shoes To A Boudoir Photo Session?

You can, but it’s not necessary.

If you’d like to wear shoes, stylish heels are a good option, and we can certainly recommend some brands and styles that work great for boudoir.

Going barefoot or wearing socks are also perfectly viable options.

7. How Many Outfits Do I Need For Boudoir Photos?

Your number of outfits depends on how many photos you want and what range of concepts you’d like to explore.

Our photo shoots can accommodate more than one look if you’d like to schedule a longer session.

Generally, one look will take us half an hour to photograph, after which you can change if you’d like to explore something else.

8. What Should I Eat Before Doing Boudoir?

Our recommendation is to bring healthy snacks that give you energy and aren’t too heavy on the stomach.

You will also want to avoid anything that’s sticky.

Good choices for snacks include mixed nuts, an apple, bananas, and crackers.

9. What Should You Not Do Before A Photoshoot?

The main things you’ll want to avoid are:

Spray tanning, staying up all night and coming to the session tired, eating messy food during your experience, and waxing or shaving too soon before you show up.

10. Who Will Be Taking My Photos?

Yours truly, Ella Gagiano.

There is also a good chance you’ll see Sammy too, so you’re most likely going to be interacting with more than one person during your session.

11. Do You Retouch My Boudoir Photos?

This is a fair question.

Retouches can alter your photo greatly, depending of course on how much you decide to change.

Light retouches are usually preferred since we want to make the most of your natural look. But how much we retouch your photos is ultimately up to you.

Call us, and we can have a conversation about this.

12. Can A Friend Come To My Boudoir Photo Session?

If you feel comfortable, then they certainly can. Just remember, boudoir photo shoots are an intimate experience.

So, if you think you’ll be nervous having other people watch you taking intimate photos, you’ll want to come alone.

As for your significant other, there is a greater chance that you’ll feel comfortable with having them around than having a friend.


You might be taking boudoir photos as a surprise gift for your SO, in which case you would still want to come to the session alone.

13 Should My Partner Come To My Boudoir Photo Session?

They are more than welcome to come! It’s up to you.

14. Do You Take Photos The Same Way For Everyone?

No, we work hard to add variety and spice to all our client photos.

While we certainly follow certain rules and best industry practices, we don’t do things the exact same way for all our clients….Unless our clients want us to copy the style of our past work.

15. Why Wouldn’t A Man Take Boudoir Photos?

Apparently, this question is going around.

The truth is that men, in fact, do take boudoir photos, especially when it comes to couple’s boudoir.

Many poses suitable for women, however, need to be altered for men.

As such, male boudoir photography is unique and comes with its own challenges.

Are you curious to know how to do a male boudoir photo shoot correctly?

If so, our main tips are (1) figure out why you want to take masculine boudoir photos.

Maybe you want to show off your new physique after achieving a fitness goal. Or maybe you want to express your desire and passion for your lucky lady or man.

(2) Visualize your preferred look. Men who are new to boudoir might not be familiar with baring their skin on camera, so work with your photographer to figure out what kind of clothes make you feel comfortable wearing or not wearing.

You can wear an unbuttoned shirt or tank top with jeans. You can also get creative with your attire – wrap yourself in a towel or a sheet or wear a kitchen apron.

By the way, remember the outfits you often see in men’s calendars!

If you dress up as a fireman or police officer, it can make for a very interesting experience. Roleplay is valid and a form of expression.

The Future of Men’s Boudoir Photography

Men’s boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular.

We anticipate it will continue to spread as more men try it out!

16. How Do I Find the Right Boudoir Photographer?

The main thing is to do your “homework” before you hire someone for boudoir photos.

It’s important that you feel comfortable with your preferred photographer and trust them completely, given the nature of boudoir.