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Tired of only seeing lingerie for a boudoir session?

By October 8, 2020December 19th, 2023No Comments

Lingerie is NOT the only option

Ladies who self describe as tomboy and have never worn lingerie a day in their life this is for you. You Do NOT have to wear lingerie! We see it all the time and hear it over and over find the “right lingerie for a boudoir session” but that takes out all the other options you truly have. (Our ladies who do want to wear lingerie this post is not for you, but this one is!)

A boudoir session is meant to be empowering, something that makes you feel confident, and in love with yourself. (Yes I said in love with yourself! It’s ok to be proud)

Have you noticed the words I’ve used so far? Empowering. Confident. Those two words are vague, but powerful, they all rely on what you think of when you think of those words.

That is why when you speak with us we try to refrain from telling you what to think rather than want to know how those words feel to you.

So if you feel confident in jeans and a t-shirt then rock that, if you want to feel beautiful in your every day casual then do it. You. Have. Options.

We always refer to one client in particular who said yes I want to do lingerie but it is not my normal and I want to also do photos in what makes me feel confident. She is confident in who she is and knew what she wanted and it allowed us to create something that she absolutely loved at the end.